Alfredo Cramerotti

Writer, curator, publisher and contemporary artist.

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01.05.2023 CryptoArt Monograph #04: Ellen Sheidlin by Alfredo Cramerotti, Auronda Scalera, Alessia Cuccu, Andrea Concas. Presentation page here:  [The NFT Magazine / Rizzoli International]

17.04.2023 MULTIPLE-ULTRA-FUTURE Curator’s Choice by Alfredo Cramerotti, Auronda Scalera [@thecuratedapp]

10.11.2022 Interview: Auronda Scalera and Alfredo Cramerotti, Cofounders of XXnft by Sonia Stubblebine and Cristina Sanchez-Kozyreva [Curated Magazine #8]

01.10.2022 Art Collector Field Guide Fall 2022 - Creating NFT Collection. Curators Auronda Scalera and Alfredo Cramerotti share their tips on creating high-quality NFT collection [FuelArts / The Art Partners 2022]

15.09.2022 Arriva l’Infinity Art Museum, il museo nel metaverso by Valentina Tanni, Auronda Scalera, Alfredo Cramerotti [Artribune Magazine - ITA]

01.09.2022 3 mostre di fotografia da vedere ad Arles by Auronda Scalera and Alfredo Cramerotti [Artribune Magazine - ITA]

01.05.2022 JUNK.OWN [extract] by Sarah Entwistle, Editor: Alfredo Cramerotti [DISTANZ Books 2022]

01.02.2022 Temporary Atlas / Atlante Temporaneo exhibition booklet by Alfredo Cramerotti, exhibition booklet [Galleria delle Prigioni / Fondazione Imago Mundi / Fondazione Benetton Treviso, Italy - ENG / ITA]

20.12.2021 The Gift by Alfredo Cramerotti [The Large Glass, Journal of Contemporary art, Culture and Theory,. No.31/32, 2021 - Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje]

10.10.2021 OTHERMODERN by Alfredo Cramerotti [Presentation concept on the meeting points of Dansaekhwa artists in Korea and Abstract/Spatial artists in Europe - Kukje Gallery and Mazzoleni Art, Frieze Masters 2021]

01.06.2021 Foreword by Alfredo Cramerotti, Dirk Snauwaert, Ute Stuffert and Annabelle Tenèz [Jacqueline de Jong - The Ultimate Kiss, Mercatorfonds. WIELS, MOSTYN, Les Abbatoirs, Kunstraum Ravensburg]

01.05.2021 On Transience by Alfredo Cramerotti [Richard Wathen - New Eyes Every Time, DISTANZ Verlag and MOSTYN]

01.02.2021 Conflict Reporting: Aestheticising Objectivity by Alfredo Cramerotti and Lauren Mele [Third Text, Volume 35, Issue 2 (2021)]

20.01.2021 Extract from Curating in Three Moves by Alfredo Cramerotti [DASZINE 04, UNIPOL Arte CUBO]

15.12.2020 On Translating and Re-translating by Alfredo Cramerotti [Nick Hornby - Zygotes and Confessions, Anomie Publishing and MOSTYN]

15.12.2020 Photography as Critical Practice: Notes on Otherness (download short abstract) by David Bate and Alfredo Cramerotti [series editor], David Bate, Alfredo Cramerotti, Liz Wells [authors] [Critical Photography book series]

15.12.2020 Critical Photography / Foreword Eleven: Form Leading Practice by Alfredo Cramerotti [Photography as Critical Practice: Notes on Otherness]

01.12.2020 Curating the Image. Notebook for a Visual Journey (download short extract) by Alfredo Cramerotti [DISTANZ Verlag].  From the publishers' webpage: "Unconscious Informing" - For over twenty years, the curator Alfredo Cramerotti (b. Trento, Italy, 1967; lives and works in Llandudno, Wales) has built an extensive collection of visual materials divided into multiple categories. Newspaper clippings, postcards, drawings, flyers, articles, advertisements, other media materials: Cramerotti finds something of interest wherever he looks. He clusters and collages his finds along five independent thematic foci: approach, alpine culture, leadership, houseplants, and the gaze. Cramerotti’s interest in creating a system of order and reference takes inspiration from the work of Aby Warburg. He uses his collection of imagery to study formal principles of commercial visual culture, adding ironic observations and drawing connections to media trends. With an essay by the curator.

15.11.2020 Fortunes of War: Photography in Alter Space (download short abstract) by Eric Lesdema and Alfredo Cramerotti [series editor], Eric Lesdema, Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos, Jan Baetens, Jane Tormey, Nicolette Barsdorf-Liebchen, Gerald Moore, Paul Gough [authors] [Critical Photography book series]

15.11.2020 Critical Photography / Foreword Ten: The Immateriality of Culture by Alfredo Cramerotti [Fortunes of War: Photography in Alter Space]

31.10.2020 The Results Are Already There by Alfredo Cramerotti/ [USW University of South Wales Research Stories]

17.09.2020 Conflict Reporting by Lauren Mele and Alfredo Cramerotti. [Switch on Paper in partnership with AICA International, Sept 2020]

01.03.2020 On the Concept of Surface by Alfredo Cramerotti. [Published in occasion of the exhibition by Diogo Pimentão at Frac Normandie Rouen, France, 25 Jan-01 Apr 2020]

14.02.2020. What I See: New Figurative Art in Italy incl. the essay "On Resilience". Texts by Alfredo Cramerotti and Margherita de Pilati. [Mart Museo di arte moderna e contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto] [Eng/Ita]

20.01.2020. Il libro delle immagini Book by Bianco-Valente. Text by Alfredo Cramerotti. [Postmedia Books, Milano.] 

15.01.2020. Interview with Franco Vaccari By Alfredo Cramerotti and Valentina Bonizzi. [Unpublished]

01.01.2020. Art in the Age of [Aesthetic] Uncertainty By Alfredo Cramerotti. [Museo Nazionale Romano and Enciclopedia Treccani, Rome - Elisabetta Benassi: EMPIRE]

01.11.2019. The hyperimage: Toward a theory of expanded photography By Alfredo Cramerotti. [Culture, Technology and the Image. Book by Intellect, ed. by Jeremy Pilcher]

01.10.2019. Idea of Rhythm By Alfredo Cramerotti. [Prometeo Gallery, Milan - Rosanna Rossi: Vibrazioni Sottili / Subtle Vibrations.]

25.09.2019 — 16.11.19 S/Oggetti Parziali Carlo Dell’Acqua By Alfredo Cramerotti. [FORNASETTI, 2019]

24.08.2019. Alfredo Cramerotti, Direttore MOSTYN Llandudno By Alfredo Cramerotti. [Artribune Magazine No.50: May You Live In Interesting Times. Le opinioni sulla Biennale di Venezia.]

12.08.2019. Alfredo Cramerotti: ‘Reversing the Gaze By Alfredo Cramerotti. [Double negative magazine: The British Art System] 

01.08. 2019. Derek Boshier By Alfredo Cramerotti and Jonathan Griffin. Exhibition Publication: Derek Boshier ‘It’s Only When the Tide Goes Out... Selected works and ephemera, 1976-2018’. March 16 - June 30 2019, MOSTYN | Wales UK [MOSTYN, 2019]

12.06.2019. Il serpente africano mangiatore di uova può disarticolare la mascella... By Alfredo Cramerotti [Lo Schermo dell”Arte Art Film Festival, 2019] 

01.05.2019. Questions about Aesthetic Journalism. Interview by Kecheng Zhu. [Kecheng Zhu, University of the Arts London]

01.05.2019. Arte Feature Featuring MOSTYN and Alfredo Cramerotti. [Investire Magazine, 2019]

18.04.2019. The Psychology of Painting: Dexter Dalwood // Profile of the Artist by Alfredo Cramerotti [THE SEEN Issue No.8]

31.03.2019. Alfredo Cramerotti in conversation with Rob Sharp By Alfredo Cramerotti. [Museums Journal UK]

08.03.2019. Text for the Journal of Surveillance and Society by Rose Butler featuring Alfredo Cramerotti. [Journal of Surveillance and Society]

21.01.2019. Shezad Dawood: The Lives of Us Words by Alfredo Cramerotti. [ELEPHANT, Issue 33] 

01.12.2018. In the Collector's Own Words | Patrizia Sandretto, Re Rebaudengo speaks By Alfredo Cramerotti [LOOK LATERAL Issue No.2, Winter 2018]

17.11.2018. ÉLÉMENTS D’ENQUÊTE Interview with Alfredo Cramerotti by Samuel Schellenberg. [le Mag | Le Courier, Culture 23]

01.09.2018. Front Print to Negative, and Vice Versa: Mladen Bizumic // Profile of the Artist In Conversation with Alfredo Cramerotti. By Alfredo Cramerotti [Artist Profile in THE SEEN, Issue 07] 

19.10.2018 Concrete Flux: Aesthetic Journalism Texts by Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi, Alfredo Cramerotti, Sophie Dyer, Ifor Duncan, Ana de Sousa, Solveig Suess 曲若汐, Twist Qu 曲Twist and Rectangle. [Issue 5,Concrete Flux, October 2018]

01.10.2018 Did Expo Chicago Frieze Itself Out? The Fair Has Built a Valuable Bridge to the Midwest, But New Dates May Have Hurt Sales By Eileen Kinsella. [Published by Artnet, October 2018]

01.08.2018 She Sees the Shadow Exhibition Catalogue.Texts by Olivia Leahy, Adam Carr, Sally O’Reilly, Claire Potter, Orit Gat, Fatoş Üstek and Alfredo Cramerotti [DRAF–David Roberts Art Foundation and MOSTYN]

01. 08.2018 Institutions of the Leviathan by Alfredo Cramerotti and Emily Hartless. [Published by CCQ15 // a creative conversation]  

01.08.2018 Forewords | Hyperimages and Hyperimaging by Alfredo Cramerotti, Edited by Alexandra C.M. Ross. [Published by Manfredi Edizioni, 2018]

01.06.2018 Il ruolo del museo di arte contemporanea oggi. Mario Finazzi intervista Alfredo Cramerotti [Exibart magazine, unpublished [Italian only]]

05.04.2018 “Standing on the Edge of the World”: Sean Scully in Conversation with Alfredo Cramerotti [Interview included in My Art Guides]

28.03.2018 The Aesthetics of the Edge by Alfredo Cramerotti [ Essay included in Sean Scully: Standing on the Edge of the World, Published by Hong Kong Arts Centre, March 2018]

01.03.2018 Forms of Tension: Ewa Axelrad // Profile of the Artist by Alfredo Cramerotti [Artist Profile in THE SEEN, Issue 06] 

01.01.2018 On and About Movement by Alfredo Cramerotti [Essay included in“Landscapes” by Tom Wood, Steidl, Göttingen]

05.12.2017 Blending Aesthetic Form and Technical Function, Interview with Michael Takeo Magruder by Alfredo Cramerotti [DIGICULT, Winter 2017]

01.12.2017 Labanof Cycle by Alfredo Cramerotti, Shezad Dawood [Elephant Magazine: Life Through Art, Issue 33, Winter 2017-18. 1 December 2017]

05.11.2017 HYPERIMAGING! In and Out our Screens Gjon Mili 2017: Award Exhibition/ 15 Edition Exhibition Catalogue, Curated by Alfredo Cramerotti, National Gallery of Kosovo, Pristina, 2017.

15.09.2017 ANGELO PLESSAS // POLITICS OF TOGETHERNESS by Alfredo Cramerotti [The Seen magazine Issue No.5]

01.06.2017 ASTRID KLEIN & B. INGRID OLSON // PROFILE OF THE ARTISTS by Alfredo Cramerotti [The Seen magazine Issue No.4]

13.05.2017 Shezad Dawood | Palazzina Canonica e Fabbrica Fortuny, Venezia by Marco Arrigoni [ATP Daily] 

29.03.2017 On the Artificial by Alfredo Cramerotti, [Essay included in "SENSO 80" by Flavio Favelli, Boîte Edizioni, Milan, 29 March 2017 (exhibition catalogue with texts by Anna Bernardini, Alfredo Cramerotti, Flavio Favelli and Antonio Grulli)]

01.02.2017 Conflict as Disruptive Innovation by Alfredo Cramerotti, [Essay included in “WAR II”, unpublished, MOSTYN Publishing (exhibition catalogue with texts by Adam Carr, Jane Matthews and Alfredo Cramerotti)]

03.12.2016 AEI Albania Expanded Image by Alfredo Cramerotti, Valentina Bonizzi and the Chamber of Public Secrets [COD Centre for Openness and Dialogue, Tirana]

01.11.2016 Book review of Alfredo Cramerotti, Aesthetic journalism: How to Inform without Informing by Vincent Lavoie, re-published November 2016 [Ciel variable 88 - FACES Spring/Summer 2011 [French]]

01.10.2016 Aesthetic Journalism / La estética del periodismo by Alfredo Cramerotti [LLEI d'ART Year 10 No. 15]

15.09.2016 Melancholy and its Discontents: PROFILE OF THE ARTIST CAMILLE BLATRIX by Alfredo Cramerotti [The Seen magazine Issue No.3]

01.07.2016 Voxpop - New Tate [Museums Journal Issue 116/07]

01.07.2016 Diango Hernández in conversation with Alfredo Cramerotti [Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen 2016 catalogue]

01.06.2016 The way things are not by Alfredo Cramerotti [BACK SIDE OF THE BLIND SPOT exhibition catalogue by Luciano Sozio, Tommaso Evangelista, Serena Ribaudo, [Maretti Editore]]

15.05.2016 The Hyperimage by Alfredo Cramerotti [Image and Photography in the Post-Digital Era, Riga Photography Biennial 2016 catalogue]

01.05.2016 Marinella Senatore: The Sleepless Performer. In Conversation with Alfredo Cramerotti by Alfredo Cramerotti, Marinella Senatore [The Seen magazine Issue No.2]

01.04.2016 ON AND AROUND TIME by Alfredo Cramerotti [The Archive as a Productive Space of Conflict by Markus Miessen, Yann Chateigné (Eds.) [Stenberg Press]]

31.03.2016 Journalism and Art: Complementary and Collaborative Storytelling by Michael Blanding [Nieman Reports]

15.03.2016 SUR LE RITUEL. CINQ QUESTIONS À IRMA BLANK by Alfredo Cramerotti, Irma Blank [Roven n°12: Les Rituels du dessin [French]]

01.02.2016 Five Questions to Alfredo Cramerotti by Samantha Singman [Humanities & Arts Signature Program, Thomas S. Wootton High School, Rockville, MD - USA]

30.01.2016 Pavilion of Mauritius: From One Citizen You Gather an Idea exhibition catalogue by Pamela Auchincloss {ed.], Alfredo Cramerotti, Olga Jürgenson [eds. and authors], Gabriella Uhl, Valentina Bonizzi, Maria Starkova-Vindman, Alisa Prudnikova [authors] [Maretti Editore ISBN 978-88-98855-44-5]

2015 Theater of War Review by Alfredo Cramerotti [ Book Review by Martin Wood]

15.12.2015 The idea of the (digital) image by Alfredo Cramerotti [Goethe Institut "Streaming Egos" Digital Platform]

14.11.2015 Iwan Lewis Gallery 6 exhibition booklet by Alfredo Cramerotti [MOSTYN Publishing]

01.11.2015 The Hyperimage by Alfredo Cramerotti [Vector Journal – Critical Research in Context: Post–Photography. Edited by: Matei Bejenaru, Cătălin Gheorghe. Published by Universitatea de Arte "George Enescu" Iași, Romania. Contributors: Cristian Nae, Alfredo Cramerotti, Corina Ilea, Adam Bloomberg & Oliver Chanarin, Nikolaus Schletterer, Andrei Siclodi, Matei Bejenaru, Cemil Batur Gökçeer, Marcela Magno, Bogdan Gîrbovan & Michele Bressan. Artes Publishing House, Iași, 2015, ISBN 978-606-547-273-0]

01.11.2015 On Awareness & A Conversation About A Conversation by Alfredo Cramerotti, Adam Carr, Irma Blank, Luca Lo Pinto [Irma Blank: Breath Paintings [ Cura Books / MOSTYN Publishing]]

05.10.2015 Ohne Geld ka Musi by Susanne Rohringer [ [German]]

01.10.2015 Time, Change, Object by Alfredo Cramerotti [Andreas Zingerle book, Galerie Rolando Anselmi]

01.10.2015 Time Islands and Space Islands by Alfredo Cramerotti, Diango Hernandez [The Seen magazine Issue No.1]

30.09.2015 Perspectives in Motion by Manisha Jothady []

17.09.2015 Futuro Anteriore - EXPO VIDEO programme brochure by Alfredo Cramerotti and Stephanie Cristello [EXPO CHICAGO 2015]

10.09.2015 On Being in the Middle by Alfredo Cramerotti [Hubert Winter Galerie Vienna for TOMORROW TODAY]

01.09.2015 ECHT by Bedwyr Williams, Introduced by Alfredo Cramerotti [Vdrome #77]

01.09.2015 Show and Tell by Alfredo Cramerotti [Stefanos Tsivopoulos' ARCHIVE CRISIS, eds. Stefanos Tsivopoulos, Hilde de Bruiijn, Jap Sam Books]

17.07.2015 On Time Islands by Alfredo Cramerotti [Camille Blatrix: No School exhibition catalogue by Alfredo Cramerotti, Camille Blatrix [MOSTYN Publishing]]

17.07.2015 On Serendipity by Alfredo Cramerotti [Women's Art Society II exhibition catalogue by Jane Matthews, Adam Carr, Alfredo Cramerotti [MOSTYN Publishing]]

17.07.2015 Thomas Goddard Gallery 6 exhibition booklet by Alfredo Cramerotti [MOSTYN Publishing]

10.05.2015 Silsila: Linking the Body and the Desert Sama Alshaibi's book review by Alexander Strecker [LensCulture]

08.05.2015 Five Countries Crowdfund Their Way to a Venice Debut by Julie Baumgardner []

08.05.2015 Weird Tales / Storie Strane by Francesco Jodice, Alfredo Cramerotti [authors] [Galleria Michela Rizzo [Italian]]

06.05.2015 Il futuro della Biennale #7 by Alice Pedroletti [extract][ [Italian]]

04.05.2015 Biennale di Venezia. Il padiglione delle Mauritius raccontato da Alfredo Cramerotti by Ginevra Bria, Alfredo Cramerotti [ [Italian]]

29.04.2015 Areen kaanelugu: ESIMEES VENEETSIAS by Kadri Karro [Eesti Ekspress [Estonian]]

15.04.2015 The Culture of Photography in Public Space (download short abstract) by Alfredo Cramerotti [series editor], Anne Marsh, Melissa Miles, Daniel Palmer [editors and authors] [Critical Photography book series]

15.04.2015 Critical Photography / Foreword Nine: In and Out of the Public Sphere by Alfredo Cramerotti [The Culture of Photography in Public Space]

15.04.2015 Exploring Theology with Digital Art by Argula Rublack [Cassone International Online Magazine of Art and Art Books]

10.04.2015 The Possibility of the Physical by Alfredo Cramerotti [author and editor], Edda K. Sigurjónsdóttir, Lauren Mele [editors], [Sequences VII exhibition catalogue [Sequences Real Time Art Festival Publishing]]

09.04.2015 The final! Venice Questionnaire 2015 #39: Alfredo Cramerotti and Olga Jurgenson by ArtReview Editorial Team, Alfredo Cramerotti, Olga Jurgenson [ArtReview online exclusive]

09.04.2015 From Madame Tussauds To Sequences VII
 by The Reykjavík Grapevine editorial team, Alfredo Cramerotti [The Reykjavík Grapevine]

01.04.2015 Speciale Venezia: L'Italia? Non Pervenuta [extract] by Adriana Polveroni, Alfredo Cramerotti & others [Exibart n.90, April / May 2015 [Italian]]

30.03.2015 The urge to speak: an Interview with Alfredo Cramerotti by Michele Perna, Alfredo Cramerotti [My Art Guides]

29.03.2015 Sequences VII: An Introduction by The Reykjavík Grapevine editorial team, Alfredo Cramerotti [The Reykjavík Grapevine]

15.03.2015 The I, its Body, and other Borders: a Centrifugal Movement towards the Outside by Alfredo Cramerotti in Sama Alshaibi: Sand Rushes In [Sama Alshaibi, Alfredo Cramerotti, Salwa Mikdadi [authors] & Isabella Ellaheh Hughes [editor], Aperture Foundation]

13.03.2015 Infrastructure by Alfredo Cramerotti [We've Got Mail II exhibition catalogue by Jane Matthews, Adam Carr, Alfredo Cramerotti [MOSTYN Publishing]]

12.03.2015 CURATORIAL PRACTISES: Incontro con Alfredo Cramerotti. La Partecipazione nella Zona Autonoma Temporanea by Camilla Boemio, Alfredo Cramerotti [authors] [Exibart [Italian]]

18.02.2015 Giorgio Fasol interviews Alfredo Cramerotti: Is The Art System Changing? [unpublished conversation with Giorgio Fasol, Art Ceollector basd in Verona, Italy]

15.02.2015 A Possibility of Something Happening by Alfredo Cramerotti [FRANCO VACCARI exhibition catalogue by Alfredo Cramerotti, Adam Carr, Valentina Bonizzi & Roberta Valtorta [MOSTYN Publishing]]

15.12.2014 Theater of War (download short abstract) by Alfredo Cramerotti [series editor], Meredith Davenport [author and editor], Fred Ritchin [author], Esther MacCallum-Stewart [author], Jessica Lieberman [auhtor]  [Critical Photography book series]

15.12.2014 Critical Photography / Foreword Eight: Recounting Matters by Alfredo Cramerotti [Theater of War]

20.11.2014 The Transformation of Curating & Untitled blog featuring: Alpine by Alfredo Cramerotti [The Unreality of UFORA (Notes on Contemporary Art) eds. Rob Mintz and Dalibor Polivka in association with the Orange County Center of Contemporary Art, Santa Ana, California, USA, CreateSpace Independent Publishing]

17.11.2015 Pondering the Apocalypse via a 3d Printed Horse Skull and Virtual Reality City by Kevin Holmes [The Creators Project]

14.11.2014 On Objecthood by Alfredo Cramerotti [Gallery 1 exhibition catalogue by Adam Carr, Alfredo Cramerotti, Tomos Jones, Callum Doherty [MOSTYN Publishing]]

14.11.2014 Laura Reeves Gallery 6 exhibition booklet by Adam Carr [MOSTYN Publishing]

06.11.2014 De/coding the Apocalypse exhibition catalogue by Michael Takeo Magruder, Alfredo Cramerotti, Ben Quash, Edward Adams, Michelle Fletcher, Natasha O'Hear, and Aaron Rosen. Design by Martin McGrath [Cultural Institute at King's College London Publishing]

20.10.2014 MacGuffins, Subjects and Politics. An Insight into an Artist’s Work by Alfredo Cramerotti [Marinella Senatore. Building Communities / Costruire Comunità, ed. Marcella Beccaria, Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art, Rivoli-Turin & Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen, Mousse Publishing]

01.10.2014 The Blind (download short abstract) by Alfredo Cramerotti [editor], The Institute of Critical Zoologists, Matthew Brower, Peter Nowogrodzki [authors] [Critical Photography book series]

01.10.2014 Critical Photography / Foreword Seven: Substance and Appearance, As If... by Alfredo Cramerotti [The Blind]

01.09.2014 The Interaction Between Aesthetics and Information by Alfredo Cramerotti [Global Culture Local Views, eds. Andres Hapkemeyer and Gerhard Glüher, Königshausen & Neumann: Würzburg]

18.07.2014 The Dimension of Conflict by Alfredo Cramerotti [WAR exhibition catalogue by Adam Carr, Alfredo Cramerotti [MOSTYN Publishing]]

18.07.2014 Rebecca Gould Gallery 6 exhibition booklet by Alfredo Cramerotti [MOSTYN Publishing]

05.07.2014 Alfredo Cramerotti on Divine Violence [unpublished conversation with Lucy Davies, Commissioning Editor, The Telegraph, UK]

01.06.2014 Curating and Project Management by Maria Arusoo, Rebeka Põldsam, Alfredo Cramerotti [Sirp Magazine [English version]]

20.05.2014 Curator Alfredo Cramerotti: society must speak uncomfortable topics - in doing so, we improve by Solveig Jahnke, Alfredo Cramerotti [ERR Online Magazine [English version]]

01.05.2014 Photography, Narrative, Time: Imaging our Forensic Imagination (download short abstract) by Alfredo Cramerotti [series editor], Greg Battye [author] [Critical Photography book series]

01.05.2014 Critical Photography / Foreword Six: On Complex Matters by Alfredo Cramerotti [Photography, Narrative, Time: Imaging our Forensic Imagination]

18.04.2014 On Immediacy by Alfredo Cramerotti [We've Got Mail exhibition catalogue by Adam Carr, Alfredo Cramerotti [MOSTYN Publishing]]

18.04.2014 Jesse Wine Gallery 6 exhibition booklet by Adam Carr [MOSTYN Publishing]

15.03.2014 Ubiquitous Photography Book Review by Alfredo Cramerotti [Photography & Culture, Volume 7—Issue 1]

25.01.2014 PORTABLE NATION: 55th International Art Exhibition, la Biennale di Venezia - Maldives Pavilion (download abstract) by Alfredo Cramerotti, Dorian Batycka, Camilla Boemio, Aida Eltoire [authors and editors][Maretti Editore]

18.01.2014 On Movement by Alfredo Cramerotti [Return Journey exhibition catalogue by Adam Carr, Alfredo Cramerotti [MOSTYN Publishing]]

18.01.2014 Meriç Algün Ringborg Gallery 6 exhibition booklet by Adam Carr [MOSTYN Publishing]

30.11.2013 Wales's Presence as Collateral Event by Alfredo Cramerotti [The Venice Biennale Ideological Guide 2013 at]

26.10.2013 Nothing Like Identity by Alfredo Cramerotti [Women's Art Society exhibition catalogue by Adam Carr, Alfredo Cramerotti [MOSTYN Publishing]]

26.10.2013 John Henry Newton Gallery 6 exhibition booklet by Adam Carr [MOSTYN Publishing]

01.10.2013 Making Waves by Simon Stephens, Alfredo Cramerotti [Museums Journal]

30.09.2013 Whence the Future? by Alfredo Cramerotti and Jean-Paul Martinon [The Curatorial: A Philosophy of Curating, edited by Jean-Paul Martinon, Bloomsbury Publishing London / New York]

28.09.2013 Contingent Movements Symposium guidebook by Hanna Husberg, Laura McLean, Kalliopi Tsipni-Kolaza [editors], moderated by Alfredo Cramerotti and Maren Richter [PORTABLE NATION: 55th International Art Exhibition, la Biennale di Venezia - Maldives Pavilion]

15.09.2013 LAPIZ special issue Venice Biennale 2013 by Mariella Rossi, feat. Bedwyr Williams (Wales in Venice) and Stefano Cagol (Maldives Pavilion) [LAPIZ Magazine 279]

01.09.2013 On Perfection: An Artists' Symposium (download short abstract) by Alfredo Cramerotti [series editor], Jo Longhurst [editor] [Critical Photography book series]

01.09.2013 Critical Photography / Foreword Five: The Space in the Middle by Alfredo Cramerotti [On Perfection: An Artists' Symposium]

01.09.2013 ALTERNATIVA: On the Idea of the Model by Alfredo Cramerotti [PUBLIC Journal of Art Culture Ideas, York University Toronto]

01.09.2013 PR report for Wales in Venice by Margaret_London [various authors]

01.09.2013 In Suspension – Some (Final) Remarks on the Concept of Model transcribed by (in no particular order) Lauren Mele, Tirdad Zolghadr, Cathy Haynes, Alfredo Cramerotti, Fredric Jameson, Kari Conte, Clifford Geertz, Cristiana Tejo [Giant Step: Essays and Reflections on Institutional Critique by Jerlyn Marie Jareunpoon-Phillips, Vlad Morariu, Rachel Paarman, Francesco Scasciamacchia [editors][vessel art projects publications]

01.08.2013 THE ICE MONOLITH. Platform by Stefano Cagol [author], Alfredo Cramerotti [editor], Mariella Rossi [editorial coordination][TOKYOSPACE [Italian]]

01.08.2013 Le Maldive a Venezia. Cronaca di un debutto by Francesca Di Giorgio, Camilla Boemio, Alfredo Cramerotti [ online magazine [Italian]]

20.07.2013 On Us And Other Obsessions by Alfredo Cramerotti [Dear Portrait exhibition catalogue by Adam Carr, Alfredo Cramerotti [MOSTYN Publishing]]

20.07.2013 Becca Voelcker Gallery 6 exhibition booklet by Adam Carr [MOSTYN Publishing]

20.07.2013 Trienala Ladina 2013 Programme Brochure by Alfredo Cramerotti [author and editor] and Philipp Putzer [designer][Museum Ladin Publishing]

23.07.2013 Chaos and order: Trienala Ladina [Dolomiten Zeitung [German]]

11.07.2013 “Chaos and Order”, al via la Trienala Ladina in una calibrata altalena tra opposti by Mariella Rossi [Franz Magazine [Italian]]

05.07.2013 Regional arts venues: less out in the sticks, more out on a limb by Alfredo Cramerotti [Guardian Professional]

20.06.2013 Home grown: Who needs the Guggenheim when you’ve got MOSTYN? by Simon Stephens, Alfredo Cramerotti [Museums Journal: blog]

15.06.2013 LAP TAB Numero Dodici: BUT DOES IT FLOAT by Alfredo Cramerotti [Artribune Magazine [Italian]]

31.05.2013 Bedwyr Williams and The Starry Messenger official press pack, Wales In Venice Collateral Event of the 55th International Art Exhibition La Biennale Di Venezia by Bedwyr Williams, Alfredo Cramerotti, Amanda Farr [British Council Publishing]

01.05.2013 Intervista ad Alfredo Cramerotti by Alfredo Cramerotti, Camilla Boemio e Corona Perer [Giornale Sentire [Italian]]

30.04.2013 Stepping Into by Alfredo Cramerotti [Y O U exhibition catalogue by Adam Carr, Alfredo Cramerotti [MOSTYN Publishing]]

30.04.2013 Alek O. Gallery 6 exhibition booklet by Adam Carr [MOSTYN Publishing]

10.04.2013 APT Curatorial Insight: Alfredo Cramerotti by Alfredo Cramerotti and Einat P. Frankel [APT Curatorial Insights online magazine]

01.04.2013 LAP TAB Numero Undici: SHOW.ME.PICTURES by Alfredo Cramerotti [Artribune Magazine [Italian]]

01.04.2013 On the Concept of the Model by Lauren Mele & Alfredo Cramerotti [SUSPENDED by Nikolaus Schletterer [photography], Andrei Siclodi [editor], Fotohof edition Salzburg, Austria]

28.03.2013 Interview: MOSTYN'S NEW PROGRAMME by Tanja Schreiner, Alfredo Cramerotti and Adam Carr [AMA–Art Media Agency Newsletter 95]

15.02.2013 Si è sempre qualcosa di diverso by Alfredo Cramerotti & Thereza Pedrosa [Beautiful People Live Art [Italian]]

01.02.2013 Photocinema: The Creative Edges of Photography – Portfolio Section by Alfredo Cramerotti & Huw Davies [editors] [Critical Photography book series]

01.02.2013 Photocinema: The Creative Edges of Photography (download short abstract) by Alfredo Cramerotti & Neil Campbell [editors] [Critical Photography book series]

01.02.2013 Critical Photography / Foreword Four: Photography / Cinema / Word by Alfredo Cramerotti, Neil Campbell  [Photocinema: The Creative Edges of Photography]

23.01.2013 Presente e futuro di Artefiera by Alfredo Cramerotti & Antonio Grulli [ [Italian]]

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10.01.2013 Perspectives – Expanded Photography: Notes on the Hyperimage by Alfredo Cramerotti [Perspectives Statoil Arts Programme]

01.01.2013 La Curatela in Tre Mosse, Answer Time II by Alfredo Cramerotti [ [Italian]]

30.12.2013 Una Vita in Prospettiva: Alfredo Cramerotti by Mattia Maistri, [L'Arione Notiziario n.30 [ Italian]]

13.12.2012 The Model by Nathalie Gabrielsson, Alfredo Cramerotti [Radovan Kraguly & Fernando García-Dory's exhibition catalogue [MOSTYN Publishing]]

03.11.2012 Alfredo Cramerotti – In Suspension: Closing Remarks on the Concept of Model by Alfredo Cramerotti [Lecture text, Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven]

02.11.2012 Alfredo Cramerotti – On Any Given Evening: A Second View by Alfredo Cramerotti [Lecture text, The Royal Academy of Arts Copenhagen]

01.11.2012 La Curatela in Tre Mosse, Answer Time I by Alfredo Cramerotti [ [Italian]]

15.10.2012 LAP TAB Numero Nove: Fotoromanzo Italiano by Alfredo Cramerotti [Artribune Magazine [Italian]

15.09.2012 LAP TAB Numero Otto: Bidoun by Alfredo Cramerotti  [Artribune Magazine [Italian]

15.09.2012 Alfredo Cramerotti – A Close-up on Violence by Alfredo Cramerotti [Lecture text, HEAD Geneva]

15.09.2012 Shifting (of perspective; and thus, understanding) by Alfredo Cramerotti [Alternativa Online Dictionary]

01.09.2012 Saatchi Gallery’s 100 Curators Collection: Alfredo Cramerotti by Alfredo Cramerotti and Rebecca Wilson & Margo Spiritus [ Saatchi Gallery online platform]

01.09.2012 up the organisation? by Alfredo Cramerotti [Onomatopee Journal 75.2: Who Told You so?! #2 Truth vs. Organisation]

25.08.2012 Other Spaces Jo Longhurst - Foreword by Alfredo Cramerotti and David Drake [Ffotogallery and MOSTYN Publishing]

15.08.2012 Dean Veall interviews Alfredo Cramerotti by Alfredo Cramerotti, Dean Veall [YMAG Newsletter of the Federation of Museums and Art Galleries in Wales]

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17.07.2012 La Curatela in Tre Mosse by Alfredo Cramerotti [ [Italian]]

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06.07.2012 Interview with Alfredo Cramerotti: Wales in Venice 2013 by Tanja Schreiner [AMA Arts Media Agency Newsletter N.59]

25.06.2012 Qui si fa così: ho vinto una open call. Intervista con Alfredo Cramerotti by Mariella Rossi [ [Italian]]

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09.05.2012 Journalistische Kunst oder kunstvoller Journalismus by Hanna Stoll [ZS Zürcher Studierendenzeitung]

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15.04.2012 Perhaps the End of the Beginning by Flora Lysen [Studium Generale Rietveld Academie 2012]

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01.03.2012 Critical Photography / Foreword Three: As I go Ahead by Alfredo Cramerotti [Photography and Landscape]

01.03.2012 Contingency in Madagascar: Photography / Encounters / Writing (download short abstract) by Alfredo Cramerotti [series editor], Stephen Muecke [text] and Max Pam [photography] [Critical Photography book series]

15.02.2012 I Told You So, intro text to 'We Are The Time' Studium Generale Conference by Alfredo Cramerotti [Rietveld Academie Amsterdam]

01.02.2012 Critical Photography / Foreword Two: From the Middle by Alfredo Cramerotti [Contingency in Madagascar / Photography Encounters Writing]

15.01.2012 LAP TAB Numero Quattro: TRENDBEHEER by Alfredo Cramerotti [Artribune Magazine [Italian]]

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01.12.2011 The transformation of curating: three terms by Alfredo Cramerotti [SWITCH Contemporary Video Art in a Public Context, by Triona Ryan & Harald Turek [editors]]

30.11.2011 An introduction to Failure by Alfredo Cramerotti [DigiMag 69 [English]]

01.11.2011 Unlearning Journalism, Misapprehending art by Alfredo Cramerotti [Private Investigations - Acquisition and Processing of Knowledge in Contemporary Art Practices]

30.10.2011 LAP TAB Numero Tre: POND by Alfredo Cramerotti [Artribune Magazine [Italian]]

13.10.2011 For The Record: Fictional images on the frontline between photojournalism and contemporary art by Ossian Ward  [THE ART NEWSPAPER - FRIEZE ART FAIR Edition]

01.10.2011 Premio Durello Award "New Perspectives" by Alfredo Cramerotti [Art Verona catalogue]

15.09.2011 Art and Revolution by Lauren Mele, Alfredo Cramerotti [Intellect Visual arts Supplement]

01.09.2011 Aesthetic Journalism: Acts of Witnessing, Practices of Participation by Alfredo Cramerotti, Michelle Kasprzak, Ken Hollings, Mark Nash, Alexei Shulgin [V2_ Blowup Reader No.2: Every Artist, a Journalist]

01.09.2011 La Verità dell'Esperienza by Alfredo Cramerotti [DigiMag 66 & [Italian]]

15.08.2011 Aesthetic Journalism: Acts of Witnessing, Practices of Participation by Die Redner: Oliver Strauch, Klaas Villeke, Florian Penner [concept], Christian Rolle, Andy Caspar, Burkhard Jellonnek, Rebecca Thömmess, Soenke Zehle, Angela Bottin [editors], Alfredo Cramerotti [author] [DIE REDNER Handbuch [extract]]

15.08.2011 Learning by Doing by Learning by Alfredo Cramerotti [Peter Sandbichler. Wahrheit ist die Erfindung eines Lügners [German / English texts by Diana Baldon, Alfredo Cramerotti and Beate Ermacora, authors]

01.08.2011 Reviews & Comments of All That Fits: The Aesthetics of Journalism by various authors [editor Stefanie Meier]

01.08.2011 Review of All That Fits: The Aesthetics of Journalism by Regine Debatty [We-Make-Money-Not-Art blog]

01.08.2011 On contemporary (street) photography. Interview. by Alfredo Cramerotti, interviewed by Livia Lazar [interview for MA Research University of Central Lancashire, UK]

01.08.2011 Notes on Expanded Photography by Alfredo Cramerotti [DigiMag 66 [English]]

15.07.2011 Implicitly abstract by Alfredo Cramerotti [roots§routes research on visual cultures]

30.06.2011 LAP TAB Numero Due: AXISWEB by Alfredo Cramerotti [Artribune Magazine [Italian]]

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01.06.2011 The Production of Truth. The Aesthetics of Journalism by Alfredo Cramerotti [author], Simon Sheikh [author] [DigiMag 65 [English]]

28.05.2011 Insurance.aes 256 by Michael Takeo Magruder [author], Alfredo Cramerotti [editor] [Insurance.aes 256]

27.05.2011 Apologies, errors and omissions, justifications, corrections and Clarifications, retractions and refusals, denials and distinctions by Anita Di Bianco [editor][Corrections and Clarifications, part of The Aesthetic of Journalism exhibition curated by Alfredo Cramerotti and Simon Sheikh]

30.04.2011 A Close-up on Violence / La violenza da vicino by Alfredo Cramerotti [Loredana Longo: Neither Here Nor There, Francesco Pantaleone Arte Contemporanea Palermo]

30.04.2011 Non mi interessa Luca Rossi in sé, ma Luca Rossi in me [Italian] by Alfredo Cramerotti []

15.04.2011 The contemporary city: grey, flat and empty? [review of Unmapping the City] by Katrin Ecker ["dérive" magazine]

15.04.2011 LAP TAB Numero Uno: PDFX12 by Alfredo Cramerotti [Artribune Magazine [Italian]]

30.03.2011 The Essence of Things / Il senso delle cose by Alfredo Cramerotti [Eco Art Prize Catalogue [Excerpt]]

15.02.2011 Some Notes On Expanded Photography by Alfredo Cramerotti [author and editor] [FORMAT11 International Photography Festival]

01.02.2011 Tracing Circles: Enabling Artistic Praxis Through Participation (Not The Other Way Around) by Alfredo Cramerotti [author and editor], Emily Pethick [author] [Premio Furla 2011 Catalogue [Excerpt]]

15.01.2011 Obliquely by Alfredo Cramerotti [Brumaria issue #18: Expanded Violences]

05.01.2011 Aesthetic Journalism in Practice: Manifesta 8 and the Chamber of Public Secrets [review] by Maeve Connolly [variant 39/40, Winter 2010]

15.11.2010 Book Review: Aesthetic Journalism [review] by Matt Packer [Photography & Culture 3.3]

15.10.2010 Unmapping the City: Perspectives of Flatness (download short abstract) by Alfredo Cramerotti [editor and author], Jonathan Willett and Ines Moreira [authors] [Critical Photography book series]

10.10.2010 On and Around Time by Alfredo Cramerotti [Transmission Journal. Published on the occasion of SI SINDROME ITALIANA MAGASIN-Centre National d’Art Contemporain, Grenoble 10-10-2010 / 02-01-2011]

09.10.2010 Curating in the context of Manifesta 8: A conversation between ACAF, CPS and by ACAF, CPS (Alfredo Cramerotti & Khaled Ramadan) and [Manifesta 8 Catalogue]

09.10.2010 Nolens Volens issue 4: Mediascapes [download short abstract] by Alfredo Cramerotti [co-editor] and Democracia [Nolens Volens]

01.10.2010 Critical Photography / Foreword One: The Editor to the Reader by Alfredo Cramerotti [Unmapping the City: Perspective on Flatness]

15.08.2010 Libri: Aesthetic Journalism [review] by Veronica Valentini for Flash Art [Flash Art August-September 2010 [Italian]]

09.06.2010 A Subjective Take on Collective Curating by Alfredo Cramerotti, Rían Lozano and Khaled Ramadan on behalf of CPS Chamber of Public Secrets [Manifesta Journal MJ#8: Collective Curating]

05.04.2010 Ian Breakwell: The Elusive State of Happiness review by David Briers [exhibition curated by Alfredo Cramerotti and Louise Clements] [Art Monthly 335, April 2010]

01.02.2010 Ian Breakwell: The Elusive State of Happiness exhibition catalogue by Alfredo Cramerotti and Louise Clements [curators, editors], Anna Drummond [editorial coordination][QUAD Publishing]

15.11.2009 Aesthetic, yes. Journalistic, too. by Alfredo Cramerotti [MOLE Print Nr.1 & MOLE online]

15.10.2009 JH Engström's new work in progress: Wells by Alfredo Cramerotti [1000Words contemporary photography magazine online # 6, Fall 2009]

15.09.2009 Aesthetic Journalism: How to Inform Without Informing (downloadable short abstract) by Alfredo Cramerotti [Intellect Books & büchs’n’books — Art and Knowledge Production in Context, Volume 2]

15.08.2008 In conversation (an interview) by Alfredo Cramerotti, Ferdinand, Marianne and Co. [My Name Is Ferdinand #5]

15.07.2008 Intervention, yes. Participation, maybe by Alfredo Cramerotti [ / Open Dialogues blog]

15.01.2008 Daemon Inediti: Perche' non ero bravo a descrivere una donna (Italian) by Alfredo Maistri [Daemon Magazine]

15.01.2008 Comrade Fear: A Strategy for Shifting Truths by Alfredo Cramerotti [Esse Arts+Opinions #62: Fear II]

15.12.2007 Daemon Inediti: Collegamenti & Visiting (Italian) by Alfredo Maistri [Daemon Magazine]

15.12.2007 Elogio della Lentezza (Italian) by Alfredo Cramerotti [Strade BluArte: SP 65]

15.11.2007 Performative Cinema by Alfredo Cramerotti [Altyazi Cinema magazine #62]

15.10.2007 Daemon Inediti: L'economia dell'esperienza & Merda (Italian) by Alfredo Maistri [Daemon Magazine]

15.10.2007 Paul Virilio: L'arte dell'accecamento (Italian) by Alfredo Cramerotti [Daemon Magazine]

15.09.2007 Didart 07 International workshop on art education (catalogue editing) by Anna Caratini, Silvana Sola [editors], Alfredo Cramerotti (English editor] [Giannino Stoppani Edizioni, Bologna, Italy] [downloadable project description]

15.08.2007 Kinosmosis. The City And Its Screens by Alfredo Cramerotti [Altyazi Cinema magazine #58]

15.08.2007 Daemon Inediti: Cobol & Contorsioni (Italian) by Alfredo Maistri [Daemon Magazine]

15.06.2007 Vitaliano Trevisan: Il ponte (Italian) by Alfredo Cramerotti [Daemon Magazine]

15.04.2007 Hybrid Reality or Hybrid Public? by Asja Hafner, Goran Petrovic (eds.) [Inquiry into Reality: The Disappearance of Public Space]

15.10.2006 “Take your protein pills and put your helmet on…”. An introduction to Failure by Critical Studies Group [Malmoe Art Academy Yearbook]

15.09.2006 ARTivism by Alfredo Cramerotti / Chamber of Public Secrets [Made In Video Festival catalogue]

15.01.2006 Mediating Spaces by Alfredo Cramerotti [International Journal of Media Cultural Politics #2.1]

15.02.2005 Out There, Right Here by Alfredo Cramerotti [Pages Magazine # 4 Supplement]

15.09.2004 From the Metropolis to the Village and Back Again. A conversation with Mark Gisbourne, Senior Curator for the XI. RohKunstBau Exhibition "Ein europäische Pörträt #2" in Wasserschloß Groß Leuthen / Spreewald, by Sophie Goltz and Alfredo Cramerotti [Neue Review Magazine 2004 Issue]

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