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AGM 04 OnAir/Net [curating, artistic practice]

AGM Culture 04 OnAir/Net [curating, artistic practice]

26 Nov 2004 - 17 Dec 2004
Three-days programme simulcast on radio and the Internet on, supported by WORMradio/V2 Rotterdam, Radio Patapoe/OT301 Centre Amsterdam, Universitet Radioen Copenhagen. Part 1 (Nov 26-28, 2004 in Rotterdam): Dialogue between spoken words and sounds; Part 2 (Dec 08-10, 2004 in Amsterdam): Radio as tactical media; Part 3 (Dec 15-17 in Copenhagen): radio-psycho-geography.

Details of Exhibition

Featuring audio works by a cluster of poets, musician, performers and activists from all around the world, making radio as a constituency of the public sphere was variously addressed according to the different nature of the radio we worked with (institutional, pirate and student-run).

Part 1 - Rhythmic Dialogues (26th Nov 2004; 08th Dec 2004; 15th Dec 2004). The first part of AGM OnAir/Net explored the dialogue between spoken word and sound, from sound-installation to experimentation of reading sex science through music, from angry poetry-reading to performance with songs texts. Artworks and artists: 1) Simultaneous: separate and together by Cristina Gomez Barrio and Wolfgang Mayer; 2) Wilhelm Recih Remix by Michael Schultze; 3) White Paper by John Farris; 4) Suicide by Cristina Gomez Barrio and Wolfgang Mayer.

Part 2 - All Frequencies Unrestricted (27th Nov 2004; 09th Dec 2004; 16th Dec 2004). Second part dedicated at the medium radio itself, and how the radio is becoming more and more a strategic way of active communication, economically affordable almost to everyone and fostering audience participation and reaction. Artworks and artists: Landscape+Oscillations by neuroTransmitter; Scattered Listening by Ligna and Wanda Wieczorek.

Part 3 Audiography (28th Nov 2004; 10th Dec 2004; 17th Dec 2004). Three different approaches to psychogeography; from the Situationists and Guy Debord to the contemporary the art world, how can a geography (also a personal geography of situations), can be translated through audio material? Artworks and artists: ISTAN-BUL by A. Cramerotti and I. Bentzen; London Sound Study by the Boyle Family/The Centre Of Attention London 3) Domestic Disturbance: Flight or Fight or Shelter by e-Xplo.

Co-curated by Alfredo Cramerotti and Iben Bentzen, with the support of Henk Bakker. Images clockwise from top left: Michael Schultze, e-Xplo and John Farris

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