Alfredo Cramerotti

Writer, curator, publisher and contemporary artist.

Office address: MOSTYN Wales, 12 Vaughan Street, Llandudno LL30 1AB, UK - CuratorWork is an artsphere website

an artsphere website

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UNTITLED is a thematic blog of obsessions (or more professionally said, investigations) into a particular topic, either visual, textual or aural. topics will vary in time but only after thorough research and long-term commitment. (investigation is a serious business, i would never waste my and your time with superficial info. almost.) we kick off with mountains. feel free to share this journey; it’s a mix bag of fun, thoughts and cross-disciplinary communication. most of the material is appropriated from press, broadcast or online sources, some is mine. if I have the source, I’ll tell you, or link. if not, either because i kept the cut-out or clip for too many years, forgot to copy the author’s name, or simply couldn’t find out, i'll leave it blank. if it’s yours, do drop me a line. nothing is immortal anyway.

an artsphere website