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Seeing Ways of Seeing Symposium and Screenings [curating, art management]

Seeing Ways of Seeing Symposium and Screenings [curating, art management]

Ways of Seeing (BBC, 1972) was a groundbreaking television series introducing a broad audience to new ways of understanding art and society. It has been used ever since in arts teaching both in its original screen form and in the form of the eponymous book published after the series aired. The four episodes that constitute the series have never been released on VHS or DVD, with academics relying on recordings from TV reruns, or low quality clips on video streaming platforms, to share with students.

Details of Exhibition

 At this event, supported by BIMI and AICA-UK, artist Shona Illingworth will introduce the series, before we screen all four episodes of Ways of Seeing from the BBC's Digi Beta tapes, and proceed to discuss the series, its impact and its curious rights status with director Mike Dibb and producer and TV historian John Wyver.

Friday November 3rd 2017, 3-8pm, Birkbeck Cinema, 43 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PD.

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