Alfredo Cramerotti

Writer, curator, publisher and contemporary artist.

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Radio Papesse Interview: Alfredo Cramerotti

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15 NOVEMBRE 2010 The contamination and encounter discourse about the artworld and the mediatic world isn't new. It is a never-ending debate born and developed together with the electronic media: form the early days of radio and cinema until nowadays. But what happen when we talk about the media industry? what happen when a group of artists, writers, intellectuals is invited to deal with the contemporary media industry production system? It is what Alfredo Cramerotti and Khaled Ramadan did together with the Chamber of Public Secrets - cps collective curating their project for Manifesta8. CPS isn't a formal structure, do not have an official founding date or a fixed agenda, is an horizontal group, an ensemble of discussion and critical thinking and is one of the curatorial teams of Manifesta8. We talked with Cramerotti about CPS, about their curatorial method, their invitation to deal with the production structures of the media industry for the creation artistic projects. A Radio Papesse production, a project by Ilaria Gadenz e Carola Haupt

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