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QUAD | Ground Level [art management]

QUAD | Ground Level [art management]

18 Sep 2010 - 31 Oct 2010
Hayward Touring Curatorial Open II: Ground Level in QUAD Gallery. Ground Level explores how contemporary art practice, mapping and cartography collide. Traditionally the role of the cartographer has been to provide a geographically precise description of the landscape. However, rarely has it been a wholly objective enterprise. While technology increasingly grants access to the precision of satellite imagery, the cartographer's work has moved further from the ground into more contested areas such as ownership, rights to land, and the flows of people. This exhibition brings together international artists who perform their own personal forms of cartography. The resulting works suggest maps and surveys, but rather than portraying a singular worldview they put forward idiosyncratic readings of language, peoples and signs, as well as geography.

Details of Exhibition

The exhibition is curated by Kit Hammonds, winner of the 2010 Hayward Curatorial Open, a platform for innovative curatorship in the UK. Artists include: Maria Thereza Alves; The Atlas Group; Ricardo Basbaum; Heath Bunting and Kayle Brandon; Center for Land Use Interpretation; Simon Evans; Yolande Harris; Christian Philipp Muller; Eyal Weizman; Stephen Willats. Ground Level is a Hayward Touring exhibition selected and developed in partnership with John Hansard Gallery; QUAD, Derby; MOSTYN, Llandudno and Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum.

A newly released publication accompanies the second Hayward Touring Curatorial Open exhibition devised by writer and curator Kit Hammonds, exploring the way in which mapping relates to contemporary visual art as an experiential process that requires a direct relationship with the landscape, geography and people.

Image: Maria Thereza Alves, Seeds of Change (Bristol), 2007 © the artist, 2010

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