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PURE WATER VISION / EcoARt Prize: the Exhibition [curating]

PURE WATER VISION / EcoARt Prize: the Exhibition [curating]

21 Mar 2011 - 5 Apr 2011
PURE WATER VISION: The Exhibition Exhibition of the Acea EcoArt Prize curated by: Laura Cherubini, Eugenio Viola, Alfredo Cramerotti, Auditorium Conciliazione di Roma - Sala del Coro Via della Conciliazione, 4 - 00193 Roma, Italy FEATURING THE 10 FINALISTS OF THE ACEA ECOART PRIZE 2010: Antonio De Pascale, Michele Guido, Stephen Mallon, Dacia Manto, Isola e Norzi, Valerio Rocco Orlando, Luciano Romano, George Sachinis and Eirini Alexiou (ohi pezoume performing arts company), Stefano Scheda, ZimmerFrei. On Monday March 21st, in occasion of the World Water Day held on march 22nd, EcoArt Project presents the show Pure Water Vision - structured around the Acea EcoArt prize - and the international contemporary art competition Pure Water Vision: Acea EcoArt Contest 2010.

Details of Exhibition

The exhibit will take place in the Sala del Coro of the Auditorium Conciliazione of Rome, at 6:30 pm. The press conference with the preview of the exhibition will take place on Monday March 21st at 12pm. The competition, organized by Laura Cherubini, Eugenio Viola, and Alfredo Cramerotti, involves national and international artists in a study of the relationship between contemporary arts and environmental sustainability, with a thematic focus on the relationship among water, humans and nature.

The relationship between human beings and natural world has driven much of Western thought and, constantly, the development in the arts, from its origins to today. Since the end of the 1960s, some artists have begun to pursue new directions of research: Land Art, Environmental Art, Art in Nature, and Ecological Art can be considered the first artistic genres exploring ecological sensibility and awareness. In the last 20 years, various international shows have explored the way in which questions relating to sustainability and environment have entered the language of art, and what might be the role and interest of artists with respect to such issues.

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