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Made In Video Festival [curating, art management]

Made In Video Festival [curating, art management]

7 Sep 2006 - 10 Sep 2006
International video festival on Citizen Journalism, Public Secrets, ARTivism. With the standardization of the mainstream media and the subsequent lack of reflection, the work of videographers has emerged as a balancing force drawing attention to what is excluded or forgotten. Mediators of information that do not reach the general public, the organizers and collaborative partners of Made In Video organized a four-day intense event through the urban scape of Copenhagen, across different platforms and environments such as institutions, galleries, cafes, printed publications, and the streets of Copenhagen: Videoteket of the Danish Film Institute, Vester Vos-Vos cinema, Overgaden contemporary art institute, Metro underground stations, Pixel gallery space, YNKB cultural bureau, Marrakech Kitchen restaurant, tv-tv television station, and Chamber's headquarters.Panel talks and gatherings in Cinemateket, Overgaden and Folkets Hus. Catalogue/reader with contributions and essays.

Details of Exhibition

Artists and Filmmakers included:

Category ARTHROPOLOGY: Cezar Migliorin, My Name is Paulo Leminski; Smriti Mehra, Neeranakallu (Waterstone); Hyewon Kwon, Lift; Katja Aglert, Undelivered Speech; Katja Horst, The lonely crowd; Jihee Min, A Video; Robert Luzar Gramme: 19/07/05; Heidi Romo, Juulia & Juliet 3; Nina Lassila, Piiskaa! Beat it!; Klaas van Gorkum, Film as Fossil (category winner); P. Ortiz & P. Velasquez, Espacio-Micro; Erik Olofsen, In Places; Patricia Reed, Intermingling Brouhaha; Johanna Domke, A sunset takes 7 minutes; Kristjn Lodmlrd, Slimeball pest: The musical, the tale of the chocolate queen; Annemarie Jacir, An Explanation: (and then burn the ashes); Jette Hye Jin, My Grand Grandfather; Franz Wanner Interview

Category ARTIVISM: Rosa Marie Frang, I am the slogan; K. Hornek & C. Brown, Kuafuuml; Osman; Andrea Frank, New York 2005 (National Strategy for Homeland Security); Predrag Pajdic, What a Wonderful World; Diane Nerweh, The Thief of Baghdad; Colonel (Thierry Geoffroy), Protest underwear (category winner).

Category ARTDOCUMENTATION: Tova Mozard, Wall of Love; Smriti Mehra, Jyotika; Tamar Whyte, Tales of a Borderline; Brett Kasmere, Valery's ankle; Agostino "Amerigo" Imondi, Waking up the Nation; Magnus Martinsen, & Vimste We have to watch some telly; eteam (Lamprecht & Moderegger), The Paradox of the 10 Acre Square; Caspar Below, Sensitive building; Florencia Guillen, El Rey Del Grito; Joy Cheng, Fearless; Matei Glass, Magnetic identities; Boja Vasic, Defying gravity & Danza Voluminosa; f.lli fortuna (Vazquez Ferrario), Juliette; Vladimir Tomic, Echo; Maja Blafield, Saving the world (category winner); Momah S. Kewoule, Line to Africa (part of Betty Nansen Theatre); Sonja Lillebeligk Christensen, Liberated My Mum; Jayce Salloum, (as if) beauty never ends.

Category VIDEO VOODOO: Andreu Rogis Isabel, Mutatis Mutandis; Dietmar Fleischer, Dranbleiben (category winner); Alberto Esteban, Teki; Jacob Takker, Emotional Landscape; Lisa Vinebaum, Blow up; Elisabeth Smolarz, You and Me; Heidi Kilpelainen, Last Nation; G Myznikova & S. Provorov, The Slippery Mountain; Gruppo Sinestetico, Anche Le Parole Uccidono

Organized and curated by Chamber of Public Secrets. The Chamber initiates collective projects through the use of the visual media, and has an archive accessible online at Members of CPS are Ida Gron, Alfredo Cramerotti, Khaled D. Ramadan, Iben Bentzen, Jane Jin Kaisen and Stine Hoxbroe. Supported by Danish Art Council and City of Copenhagen

Made in Video debate
Made in Video debate
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