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MOSTYN | S Mark Gubb: The Last Judgement [institutional leadership, art management]

MOSTYN | S Mark Gubb: The Last Judgement [curating, art management, institutional leadership]

16 Mar 2019 - 30 Jun 2019
S Mark Gubb: The Last Judgement March 16 - June 30, 2019 MOSTYN, Wales UK is pleased to present two new exhibitions In Conversation by Los Angeles based Derek Boshier and Cardiff based S Mark Gubb. The gallery's ongoing In Conversation series brings together two solo exhibitions and presents the dialogue, collaboration or similarity in exploring themes that can occur between artists. This iteration, which stems from a chance introduction through a mutual friend between Derek Boshier and S Mark Gubb, takes the series a step further with Gubb co-curating the exhibition by Boshier in collaboration with MOSTYN Director, Alfredo Cramerotti.

Details of Exhibition

Taking Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel painting of the same name as a starting point and reference,The Last Judgement, Mark Gubb includes a range of new and existing sculptural works exhibited as an installation. The exhibition builds on Gubb's long-standing use of popular culture and history in his work, along with his interest in historical paranoias, created by things such as The Cold War, and in our ability as individuals to influence the world around us, for better or for worse. As part of his research for The Last Judgement, Gubb revisited classic works from art history such as Goya's Black Paintings, key works by Hieronymous Bosch, and works by the acclaimed Welsh artist, Edgar Herbert Thomas, the latter a great-great uncle by marriage.

To accompany the season a combined catalogue, funded by the University of Worcester, will be produced containing a new essay by Jonathan Griffin. S Mark Gubb's exhibition is supported by the Arts Council of Wales

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