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Writer, curator, publisher and contemporary artist.

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MOSTYN | QUEER IS NOT A LABEL: A series of six online performances [institutional leadership]

23 Nov 2020 - 28 Nov 2020
QUEER IS NOT A LABEL, is a series of six online performances to be published here on MOSTYN’s website, and on our Instagram channel at 6pm (GMT) daily from 23rd to 28th November 2020. Supported by Fluxus Art Projects

Details of Exhibition

QUEER IS NOT A LABEL is a series of events at the crossroads between art, music and performance, initiated and founded in Paris in 2019 by Kévin Blinderman (artist, curator) and Paul-Alexandre Islas (artist, sex worker, DJ), that supports and celebrates radical gender-questioning artists. For this collaboration with MOSTYN, the series includes online performances by Noemi, DJ Fingerblast, Nuh Peace, Bunny Intonamorous, Neurokill, and TRISTAN.
Based on community-building and collaboration, this nomadic project seeks to question and deconstruct patriarchal heteronormative structures. Connected to the internet since childhood, the artists are invested in various kinds of musical genres. They sample, produce, steal, remix and distort, forming complex musical collages. Previously invited artists include Slutara, Moesha 13, Cherry B. Diamond, Absent Fathers, In My Talons, Chapelle, Loft, Jules Du Coeur, Sxmbra, Giek_1, Drame Nature, Baile De Chernobyl, Bulma, Bilej Kluk, Nastia 6.9, DogHeadSurigeri and Urami.

an artsphere website