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MOSTYN | Irma Blank: Breath Paintings [curating, art management, institutional leadership]

MOSTYN | Irma Blank: Breath Paintings [curating, art management, institutional leadership]

15 Nov 2014 - 1 Mar 2015
Irma Blank has been addressing the connections between language and visual representation since the late 1960s. Her work creates a form of writing not related to knowledge or meaning - it is intuitive. Through the use of movement in hands and body during the making of the artworks, Blank gives to the act of writing and sign-making a sense of rhythm, freedom and energy.

Details of Exhibition

Breath Paintings is a selection of works in which the artist links her breathing to the gesture of writing. She paints a line corresponding to each single breath and repeats the action. Blank opens up a discussion on language, body, consciousness and time, and persistently challenges the authority of the written word.

Irma Blank is presented, along with Amalia Pica's  Switchboard , as the second in the Conversation Series at  MOSTYN . Initiated in 2013, the conversation series at MOSTYN brings together two artists and two solo exhibitions in conversation. The intention is to present the dialogue, collaboration or similarity in exploring themes that can occur between artists, and to put this in conversation. The exhibitions by Blank and Pica are linked by the manner in which their work deals with communication: Pica primarily with the act of listening and Blank with reading.  Irma Blank's exhibition, Breath Paintings, is curated by Alfredo Cramerotti (Director, MOSTYN). It has been kindly supported by Gallery P420, Bologna and the Colwinston Trust.

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