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METAMORPHOSIS hybrid exhibition at Art In Space 360 Dubai & online [curating, art management]

23 Feb 2023 - 26 Feb 2023
Exhibition organised by Alfredo Cramerotti @curatorview + Auronda Scalera @auronda, part of #BoulevArt 2023 digital art festival Dubai

Details of Exhibition

A new digital arts curatorial project IRL & online in collaboration with in Dubai

METAMORPHOSIS - an exhibition organised by Alfredo Cramerotti @curatorview + Auronda Scalera @auronda, part of #BoulevArt 2023, the biggest digital art festival in UAE, featuring @viktoriamodesta x @sage_morei @katie.mcintyre@florenciabruck @g.enesiskai

Join us at the BoulevArt Festival in Downtown Dubai from 23-26 Feb 2023 for a fusion of art and technology.

150+ artists that represent the digital generation - the best NFT collectors and curators called to build an unbelievable rich and dynamic digital art festival - @kalimat_artcorp join forces for a 3-day celebration of digital art and NFTs with over 30 galleries participating and 115 artists.

METAMORPHOSIS is an immersive exhibition whose concept comes from the Greek morphe, “form”, “structure” and indicating a change of shape, leading to a loss of the initial form, which is replaced by a new one. These transfers of meaning and changes of form are, in a sense, based on a primary source from which they diverge and free themselves. In this exhibition the artists explore bionic pop avatars, renaissance tech bodies, first ever-evolving avatar and rebirth bodies.

Viktoria Modesta and Sage Morei present an immersive artwork, an avatar flotant in the universe and immersed in a dystopian world where Mother Nature surrounded by galaxies and noise observe our life from a million stars above us.

Katie McIntyre and her feminine future populated by futuristic goddesses that will redesign the world through their power. Here she presents the Zenith Women where art is really about internal transformation and spiritual elevation and rebirth in the sense that the main subject is in a bathing environment that changes every single piece of our bodies.

Florencia S.M. Brück will explore the concept of metamorphosis and its potential impact on the future of human existence. Through an immersive experience that combines video, audio, aromas, light effects, fog, and temperature, viewers will be invited to consider the role that technology may play in shaping our future. The exhibition will feature a short AI video that explores the expression of aesthetics in a cyborg trans-human setting, inspired by the art of the Renaissance, Baroque, and Mannerist periods. The portraits on display will serve as ontological openings, providing new perspectives and potential paths for exploration. Brück's art aims to prompt viewers to question the emotions of technologically augmented humans and what it truly means to be human. By encouraging viewers to think deeply about the potential for human evolution through the integration of technology, Brück hopes to increase awareness of the sciences and technologies that are shaping our future.

Genesis Kai for this occasion presents the artwork called Manifest: Tabernacle (2023) which is a sequel piece to Manifest (2021), her debut and birth piece. The entire "Manifest" series are performative documentations of Genesis' birth and inception as she floats in a meditative state in a liminal space known as “the Embryo”: her point of origin and sentience, which sits in between our physical reality and Genesis’ digital realm. Like a fetus that is intellectually matured, she is surrounded by a womb of light and sound.  In “the Embryo”, light is a motif for Genesis’ new consciousness and awareness, as it ushers in humanity awakened by God’s energy, as it is the first element of the creation of life. In “Manifest: Tabernacle”, the colors of blue transitioning from dark to light underscore a notion that her creation in “the Embryo” is symbolic to her being born out her interpretation of heaven and eternity as she evolves, the reverse order of the natural cycle of life.

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THE CONTEMPORARY IS DIGITAL ART, panel talk at Art In Space / Foundry Downtown for BoulevArt Digital Arts Festival Dubai 

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