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LLAWN03 Llandudno Arts Weekend #3 [art management, institutional leadership]

LLAWN03 Llandudno Arts Weekend #3 [art management, institutional leadership]

18 Sep 2015 - 20 Sep 2015
LLAWN is a festival that rediscovers and celebrates Llandudno's past in rather a unique way; via art, architecture, artefact, sound, performance, and participation. The result, over one packed weekend is a variety of multi disciplines and locations, incorporating buildings (some off limits to the public); the pavement; the promenade; the pier; empty shops; galleries; open studios; the seafront shelters; the bandstand, our very own Victorian Bathing Machines and even a ski slope and a cave for this year's festival.

Details of Exhibition

For LLAWN03 we will introduce an international ȵavour; Guillermo Weickert / Maria Cabeza de Vaca and Joan Català of Spain and the Catalan group Katakrak. Also, celebrated works of calibre and renown such as The Wheel House by Acrojou and Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion's Both Standing Duet.

It's important that the festival, under its new theme Revisit / Reveal, will continue to reȵect and reconÈ´gure the history and culture of its setting. Therefore Welsh artists, including Megan Broadmeadow, Nadine Carter-Smith, Shani Rhys James, Charles Gershom, Fȵoc, the Haus of Helfa residents and others will be expressing their varied interpretations of Llandudno’s past, present and future. The programme will, once again, represent the wonderful eclectic mix for which it has become renowned and o΍er further opportunities for residents and visitors to take part in a wider range of free activities and events.

The festival was originally conceived as a way to promote what those in the hospitality sector refer to as the shoulder season, which basically means a lull in the tourist calendar. I think LLAWN has already changed that perception and we are gradually moving up towards the head, whereupon the Queen of Welsh Resorts will eventually reclaim and reposition her crown and declare proudly from atop The Great Orme & Viva Llandudno!
 Curated by Marc Rees

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