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DDX Design Innovation and UX Conference Dubai: The future of digital visitor and location experiences

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Fireside chat with Alfredo Cramerotti and Auronda Scalera on stage at DDX Conference

The 2024 DDX Digital Innovation and UX Conference in Dubai considered UX in the contemporary and digital art worlds - the strategy change according to the venue (IRL or online) and discussing somehow like UX and the art world: strategies, limitations, and possibilities" could work.

Drawing differences and similarities between galleries, museums, fairs, conferences and marketplaces in dealing with art presentations - not everything work the same for all platforms, the questions that were put forward by the talk were:

  • What are the most interesting trends and innovations you observing currently when it comes to digital creativity and new technologies - and what does it make worth to place in a environment like Art Dubai?

  • The middle east region is strongly innovating on new location experiences on the intersection of digital interaction, physical space, culture and people - how does “the UX” of such experience change?

  • What work or benchmarking examples do you recommend people to explore?

  • What do you see in the future of the UX “location experiences”?

  • What challenges do you see that have to overcome for the next generation of physical location user experiences?

  • How can architecture and digital infrastructure and experiences designed more in harmony rather than 2 seperate topics.

  • How will GenAI change the world of art and creativity? How will it change the role of the “creator/designer”? What does it mean for the future of creativity? What excited you and what risk do you see?

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