Alfredo Cramerotti

Art + Tech Director, Curator, Writer, Publisher

Office address: mm:museum [Media Majlis] @ Northwestern Qatar, Education City, Doha, Qatar
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Curating Digital Art: LiveArt Webinar with Alfredo Cramerotti, Auronda Scalera and Olena Yara

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Curating Digital Art Episode #7 for LiveArt X podcast

Join us this Friday March 29, 2024 at 13:00 UTC as we dive into an engaging discussion on curating digital art with Auronda Scalera and Alfredo Cramerotti, moderated by Olena Yara.

The webinar covers the following points:

1. How do you regularly curate and discover digital art and artists?]

2. Which galleries are at the forefront of the digital art space?

3. Could you elaborate on the highlights of the artworks throughout your career?

4. Among the wide variety of mediums in digital art, such as AR, VR, XR, AI art, and immersive experiences, which do you see as evolving most rapidly?

5. What advice would you give to traditional art curators interested in exploring digital art?

6. Could you tell us more about robotic art and whether viewers can perceive it as a form of performance art?

7. Can you share some tips for collecting digital art?

Link to video here:

an artsphere website