Alfredo Cramerotti

Art + Tech Director, Curator, Writer, Publisher

Office address: mm:museum [Media Majlis] @ Northwestern Qatar, Education City, Doha, Qatar
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an artsphere website

AICA International Presidential Elections 2020 Candidate introduction: Alfredo Cramerotti


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As a member of AICA since 2011, of its UK Executive Committee since 2017, and of its International Board as Vice-President since 2018, I profoundly value what the organization stands for –independent critical thought for the advancement of society. I believe criticism, at its core, is a catalyst. It must identify points of conflict or tension, name differences, isolate themes,and formulate theses in order to foster a broader understanding of art and the world. As critics, we need to address ways of making art criticism relevant for a generation whose art-value now resides in addressing a condition of contemporary living where reality is produced, and not only reflected, by images and interaction with screens. Today’s art environment is shaped by the interaction of creative practices, technological developments and social bonds;in order to actively contribute to the global discourse, art criticism needs to adapt and grow accordingly to this encompassing cultural permeability. The full three-pronged plan for the AICA International Presidency is available on the AICA International website, Members-only section:

an artsphere website