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AGM 11: DEFAULT Masterclass in Residence. On art, cities and regeneration [curating, art management]

AGM Culture 11: DEFAULT Masterclass in Residence. On art, cities and regeneration [curating, art management]

21 Sep 2011 - 30 Sep 2011
DEFAULT Masterclass is an international cultural and artistic residence hosted in Lecce, Southern Italy. During ten days, twenty selected artists will discuss with curators, artists, cultural producers, transnational partners and local audience about some key questions of our (austere) time: how to interact within a wider governmental policy concerning urban regeneration? How to tackle the increasingly politicised stakes that underpin cultural inquiry on urban centres and neighbourhoods revitalisation? Do artists, curators, art managers and policy makers have to default to art and regeneration practices which are no longer feasible yet still entrenched in cultural structures because there is no other alternative given? The works will take places in several regenerated spaces in the city of Lecce. Among the guests and invited lecturers: Lewis Biggs (Biennial of Liverpool), Celine Condorelli (artist), Andrea Lissoni (Xing and Hangar Bicocca), Julia Draganovic (No Longer Empty), Alfredo Cramerotti (curator, AGM and director of Mostyn Gallery), Hannah Conroy (curator, AGM), Andrei Siclodi (Kuenstlerhaus Buechsenhausen), Ana Hoffner (artist), Paolo Mele (Ramdom), Pietro Gagliano', (art critic), Filipa Ramos (curator and art critic), Emiliano Paoletti (Bjcem), Gregor Neuerer (artist).

Details of Exhibition

An international committee of art professionals has selected 10 international and 10 Italian artists (7 from Apulia region) to participate in the residence. The selected artists are: Alberto Borea (PE), Anthony McInneny (AUS), Bean (UK), Emma Houlihan (EIRE), Heba Amin (EGY), Marcus Owens (USA), Natascha Hagenbeek (NL), Rachela Abbate (DE), Rosario Montero Prieto (UK), Tonka Malekovic (HRV), Alessia Rollo (ITA), Angela Zurlo (ITA), Giuseppe Pansa (ITA), Lucia Leuci (ITA), Maria Rebecca Ballestra (ITA), Sergio Racanati (ITA), Serena Porrati (ITA), Simone Massafra (ITA), Stefano Cagol (ITA), Tatiana Villani (ITA).

DEFAULT is organised by RAMDOM Association (Lecce) in the frame of the project Memorable Arts and it is curated by AGM Culture (Nottingham, UK). It is realised incollaboration with Kuenstlerhaus Buehsenhausen (Innsbruck, Austria). With the partnership of Sud-Est Association (Manifatture Knos), Fondazione Fitzcarraldo, Arci Puglia, Archiviazioni, Comune di Lecce, Lupiae Service. DEFAULT Masterclass is financed by Regione Puglia, Principi Attivi 2010 – Giovani Idee per una Puglia Migliore, in the project frame of Memorable Arts.

AGM is a non-profit curatorial agency founded in 2003. The agency works in the fields of contemporary art, architecture, film, media and cultural research. Through collaboration and exchange with an international network of artists, curators, thinkers and cultural institutions, AGM produces an itinerant programme of sessions that occur in different configurations and venues. Each time, by changing partner, location, form and content, AGM's primary focus is to explore the micro-politics of the hosting body, be it a site, an institution or a theme.

Recent projects include On Temporary, Goleb Studios, Amsterdam, Holland (2011), AGM 10: Collectivus CPS, Manifesta 8, Murcia, Spain (2010) and On Dialogue, Darb 1718 Contemporary Art and Culture Centre, Cairo (2010). Previously, AGM explored new modes of knowledge production within art and the media in Austria, Canada, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, the U.K. and in the Web space --- Image: Alberto Borea

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