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AGM CONVERSATIONS Cairo, Egypt 2010 by Alfredo Cramerotti

AGM CONVERSATIONS Cairo, Egypt  2010

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Darb 1718 Contemporary Art and Culture Centre, Cairo, December 2010 - - - -  During the upcoming Cairo Biennale, AGM will coordinate a recorded conversation between curators, artists and cultural producers on the 16th December 2010. This one day session will focus on social and geo-political topics relevant to the Mediterranean region, opening up to some tactics for producers and audiences to employ via modes of aesthetic journalism, ficto-criticism and political fictions. Having recently interrogated the nature of collective production and collaboration as part of Chamber of Public Secrets’ contribution to Manifesta 8, AGM wishes to expand on this to address the term “dialogue”. If, as in the realm of cultural diplomacy, dialogue is to be understood as a reciprocal act and as a prelude to collaboration/cultural understanding, then the session asks: who sets the terms of dialogue, where is it enacted, how does it function and what are its inherent asymmetries? More specifically, we hope to delve into the realm of questioning the instrumentalisation of “dialogue” in contemporary art and institutional practices as well as on the geo-political scale. - - - - - -- - “On Dialogue” will saw the participation of Alfredo Cramerotti (Italy & UK), Hannah Conroy (UK), Yesomi Umolu (UK), Khaled Hafez (Egypt), Aida Eltorie (Egypt & USA), Ahmed El Shaer (Egypt), Giuseppe Moscatello (UAE), Michael Thoss (Germany). - - - - - - - - - Sponsors/Supporters: Allianz Stiftung