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AGM CONVERSATIONS Cartagena, Spain 2010 by Alfredo Cramerotti

AGM CONVERSATIONS Cartagena, Spain  2010

video, sound, talk, meeting room

MURAM Museo Regional de Arte Moderno, Cartagena, 2 October 2010 "On Ethics" AGM Conversation series brings together, in different configurations and venues, artists, curators, thinkers and contributors variously involved in processes of "knowledge production" via art, media, research or other forms of critical dialogue. Adopting AGM’s itinerant format, these sessions seek not only to assess the “state-of-play” at various moments in the lead up to the exhibition or research process in which they are involved at that time, but to continue discussions around thematics that are central to their approach and productions. Previous conversations have dealt with the overall Manifesta 8 project in 2010, artists engagements and research with the Region of Murcia, the issues related to specific artist productions and the wider preoccupations of contemporary art production. A significant feature of the conversation series, is that they have taken place in semi formal settings, requiring no audience but the camera and the amassed group of participants. They sit somewhere between the formal setting of the commonly used artists talk /seminar format and the informal nature of social/networked conversations between arts practitioners and producers. The sessions provide an open forum for sharing and exchange with no underlying pretext but to consider the current state of affairs. "On Ethics" saw the participation of Erlea Maneros Zabala, Yesomi Umolu, Hannah Conroy, Khaled Ramadan, Martin Rosengaard, Khaled Hafez, Celine Condorelli, Henna, Hyvarinen, David Berg