Works / Video / ISTAN-BUL

ISTAN-BUL 2003 by Alfredo Cramerotti


Sound, Video, Text, Prints


Alfredo Cramerotti & Iben Bentzen's sound and video work on Istanbul's bridges connecting Asia and Europe, examples of the "representational aesthetics" of urban infrastructures. Istanbul is separated in two parts by a busy gulf. What connect the Asian and the European side are the two bridges Bosphorus Bridge and Fatih Sultan Mehmet. The latest one, Fatih Sultan Mehmet, is most often exposed. It appears as a glamorous image on the front page of various brochures and tourist maps. This bridge has a positive, symbolic meaning in the sense of connecting Asia and Europe. It is a symbol of a structured city proclaiming to be a European metropolis. One thing is how the tourist brochures represent the bridge, another is what the meaning of the bridge is in people’s mind. What do the inhabitants of Istanbul on respectively the Asian and the European side think about the bridge and its importance for the city? Is there despite the physical connection a psychological division?


The video kicked-started the body of research called Aesthetic Journalism, which will see the book Aesthetic Journalism: How to Inform without Informing published in 2009 (Intellect).