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Expanded Photography: the Hyperimage @ Helsinki Photomedia 2012 by Alfredo Cramerotti

Expanded Photography: the Hyperimage @ Helsinki Photomedia  2012

video, sound, talk, meeting room

Helsinki Photomedia 2012 – Images in Circulation Research Conference - - - - - Helsinki Photomedia 2012 focuses on the current circulation of photographic images in terms of discourses, technologies and practices. What are photographs 'doing' while ever more on the move? - - - - - In the contemporary media landscape old and new photographic practices coexist. People take more photographs than ever, and the diversity of their possible uses has increased enormously. Photography, as a set of technologies, practices and discourses, is under rapid transformation. - - - - - Alfredo Cramerotti's video lecture 'Expanded Photography: the Hyperimage' starts from the question: How many pictures have we been included in, have we absorbed, triggered or generated today? We are all ‘implicated’ in photography whether we like it or not; we constitute ourselves both as individuals and communities via this visual alphabet and visual database, a language that is neither written nor verbal, but visual and, importantly, digital. - - - - - This way of reasoning sees 'the photographical' as a whole body of experience that embraces (and is mediated by) a great variety of relations, interests and possibilities to become the principal manifestation and constitutive element of our human condition in the 21st century. - - - - - - The photographical element of our life is one of the principal factors of the constitution of our knowledge, and ultimately of ourselves – Expanded Photography is a constitutive language. This approach implies photography transcending a set of disciplines (or genres) and ‘expanding’ into a multi-faceted feature of our living that cross-references fields like mass media, economics, politics, law and social sciences.