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Alfredo Cramerotti: Aesthetic Journalism 2010 by Alfredo Cramerotti

Alfredo Cramerotti: Aesthetic Journalism  2010

Talk, presentation, screening

Autograph ABP is proud to present a talk at Rivington Place with writer, curator and artist Alfredo Cramerotti. Addressing a growing area of focus in contemporary art, Aesthetic Journalism investigates why contemporary art exhibitions often consist of interviews, documentaries and reportage. Art theorist and curator Alfredo Cramerotti traces the shift in the production of truth from the domain of the news media to that of art and aestheticism – a change that questions the very foundations of journalism and the nature of art. The book probes the current merge of art with the sphere of investigative journalism and explores how this new mode of information is appropriating more and more space in modern culture. Aesthetic Journalism suggests future developments for this new relationship between art and documentary journalism, offering itself as a useful tool to audiences, scholars, producers and critics alike. Cramerotti probes the current merging of art with the sphere of investigative journalism. The attempt to map this field, here defined as ‘Aesthetic Journalism’, challenges, with clear language, the definitions of both art and journalism, and addresses a new mode of information from the point of view of the reader and viewer. For those of you who were unable to secure a place or attend in person, the Alfredo Cramerotti: Aesthetic Journalism talk at Rivington Place on 13 April at 6:30pm (GMT 5:30pm) has been webcast live through the Open i network. There were options to interact with the presenter and other listeners by chat, voice, video, emoticons and voting. Audio file of the talk through Open i network