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Circularity, Narrative & Aesthetic translation 2009 by Alfredo Cramerotti

Circularity, Narrative & Aesthetic translation  2009

Talk, workshop

Presentation and discussion of the video work "ISTAN-BUL" within a practice-based research symposium at University of Bedfordshire, Luton, UK, in collaboration with the Research Institute for Media, Art and Design and the Teaching and Learning Directorate – – – Symposium, Screenings & Performances: “The Circular Ruins” is a short story from Jorge Luis Borges’ book Labyrinths. Using the story as starting point, this practice-based research symposium explored forms of circularity within literature, poetry, music, film, video and performance with an emphasis on the presentation of creative artefacts and processes. Sessions include: - Circular narratives: loops and stories without ends / - Narrative verisimilitude: stories never told and films never made / - Aesthetic translation: images from words / - Poetic evocation: words for images / - Forking paths: movement, time and interaction – – – Presenters include Desmond Bell, Documentary filmmaker, Queens University Belfast; Stuart Croft, Artist Filmmaker, Royal College of Art; Steven Eastwood, Artist Filmmaker, University of East London; Jason Lee, Writer, University of Derby; Jaime Estrada Torres, Editor, London Film School; Gavin Stewart, Writer, University of Bedfordshire; Sarah Pucill, Filmmaker, University of Westminster; Helen Bailey, Choreographer, University of Bedfordshire; Inga Burrows, Filmmaker, University of Glamorgan; Joanna Callaghan, Artist Filmmaker, University of Bedfordshire; Alfredo Cramerotti, Exhibitions Curator, QUAD, Derby; Nigel Robinson, Writer, University of Bedfordshire; Lesley McKenna, Writer, University of Bedfordshire; Maria Wiener, Videomaker, University of Bedfordshire. Curated by Joanna Callaghan. – – – and