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[Art]chitecture: an artistic approach to 2007 by Alfredo Cramerotti

[Art]chitecture: an artistic approach to  2007

Talk, workshop

[Art]chitecture: an artistic approach to "building", Alfredo Cramerotti's lecture at Kunstlerhaus Buchsenhausen Innsbruck, Austria The lecture introduced to the students of the Leopold-Franzens-Universitaet Innsbruck / Institut für Architekturtheorie und Baugeschichte, the work of Monica Bonvicini, an artist who works primarily with architecture criticism. Bonvicini was born 1965 in Venice and lives in Berlin and Vienna; her work investigates the relationships between space, gender and power. Utilizing different media, including drawing, collage, video and sculpture, her individual artworks are also steps in the process towards creating large-scale installations. One of the interesting aspects of Bonvicini's work is her reflection on gender issues in architecture, often reinforced by biting humour: her work addresses the problem of "building", both architectural and social. Thanks to Dr. Rixt Hoekstra, University Lecturer, for the invitation adn the planning of the workshop.

Image courtesy to Monica Bonvicini