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THE ICE MONOLITH. Platform - book launch 2013 by Alfredo Cramerotti

THE ICE MONOLITH. Platform - book launch  2013

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22 - 24 NOVEMBER 2013

The Gervasuti Foundation and Joan of Art are proud to present: ibis redibis III: ‘The Venice Process’ - Closing Party. Initiated during the residency programme of Mike Watson at the Gervasuti Foundation, The Venice Process is an on-going project which aims to offer an alternative education and accreditation system through a network of international art institutions. This theory-driven process has evolved from the Joan of Art Project Towards A Free Education System established by its curator Mike Watson at Nomas Foundation, Rome, and through the collaboration with the first national
representation of the Maldives Pavilion, co-curated by Alfredo Cramerotti of CPS Chamber of Public Secrets, and the Gervasuti Foundation on the occasion of the 55th Venice Biennale. The Venice Process has included performances, seminars and workshops which have taken place over the duration of the Biennale, culminating in the creation of a free course in art and ecology and the presentation of the current programme of events focused on the theme of ecology and alternative education.


Book launch of The Ice Monolith. Platform. 34 interviews by artist Stefano Cagol edited by Alfredo Cramerotti published on the occasion of ‘Portable Nation’, the Maldives Pavilion.