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Kybernein for Creative and Digital Economy: A New Fusion 2012 by Alfredo Cramerotti

Kybernein for Creative and Digital Economy: A New Fusion  2012

talk, seminar, debate, curator-in-action

Creative and Digital Economy: A New Fusion, workshop & panel at National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts (NESTA), London, UK - - - - - - This workshop brought together researchers and practitioners, entrepreneurs and businesses from creative and ICT backgrounds to explore new approaches to innovation in the emerging digital ecology that might lead to new forms of economic dynamism. - - - - - - It looked at different paths towards innovation pursued in domains with different academic, professional and industrial cultures, and took up key questions about how and why creative and ICT skill sets and approaches to research and development might be brought together. - - - - - - It considered whether by combining the theory and practice of innovation from different disciplines, there is greater potential for disruptive innovation. - - - - - - The workshop addressed this central question: How can creative and ICT sectors produce new fusions of expertise and innovation to harness all these opportunities? - - - - - - Speakers include Frank Boyd (Creative Industries KTN), Prof. Gillian Youngs (University of Wales, Newport), Hasan Bakshi (NESTA/Creative Industries KTN), Prof. David Gauntlett (University of Westminster), and Kybernein (Nathalie Gabrielsson and Alfredo Cramerotti) as part of the ” Creative and Digital Ideas Panel” chaired by Gillian Youngs.