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Memory / Sound / Image: Symposium 2011 by Alfredo Cramerotti

Memory / Sound / Image: Symposium  2011

talk, seminar, debate, screening

Modern Art Oxford presents Memory / Sound / Image: Half-Day Symposium. - - - - - Artist Shona Illingworth was joined by cognitive neuro-psychologist Professor Martin A. Conway, a leading expert on human memory, writer and curator Caterina Albano, curator Paul Luckraft, and writer, curator and artist Alfredo Cramerotti for an afternoon of screenings and discussions at Modern Art Oxford that explore notions of memory in relation to scientific insight and the politics of location and conflict. This half-day symposium, Memory / Sound / Image, has been organised by the Gallery to complement the current exhibition Kerry Tribe: Dead Star Light, which explores themes of memory, ambiguity and doubt. - - - - - - - Topics of discussion included how geopolitical strategies of control and the evolving legacies of conflict intersect with deeper processes of memory and emotion that form our perception and construction of the world, and how these new scientific discoveries and insights can inform and inspire work in this area by artists working with moving image and sound. - - - - - Image courtesy Shona Illingworth