Works / Performance / ENTER>NET

ENTER>NET 2003 by Alfredo Cramerotti


Performance, room, red thread, scissors, needle


ENTER>NET is a performance by Alfredo Cramerotti & Iben Bentzen.

You are not placing yourself according to a stage You are the stage. You are not only looking at the performer You are the performer. You are not situating yourself outside a network You are part of the network created. You connect You get connected. You disconnect You get disconnected. You break up You get broken. You are we. Something happened in that room. You got sewn together, separated, challenged, intimidated maybe. You were in the spotlight: objectified and objectifying. You saw the others and got seen. Eyes were following while the threat silently went through your jacket and connected to a a pair of jeans, a jumper, or the surrounding walls. In the meantime an abstract, diagrammatic structure occurred on the floor and your voices, laughs and unspoken words -combined with the noise from the loudspeakers- generated a sound scape. ENTER>NET is about human relations. Sometimes the closest seems the most distant and vice versa.