Exhibitions / Recorded Images: History Reactivating [artistic practice]

15.03.2008 to 15.03.2008

The screening show 'Recorded Images' presents five contemporary artists with a different approach to moving image. The show is divided in two brief programs. The first presents works by Jimmy Robert, Mario Garcia Torres and Manon de Boer, who are exploring and reactivating the heritage of conceptual art practice. The second part introducing Khaled D. Ramadan (with Alfredo Cramerotti) and Clemens von Wedemeyer, puts a focus on the process of filming, editing and social issues. – – – Participants Manon de Boer: Resonating Surfaces (2005), Khaled D. Ramadan & Alfredo Cramerotti: Comrade Alfredo Neri (2006), Jimmy Robert: L’Education Sentimentale (2005/06), Mario Garcia Torres: A Brief History of Jimmy Johnson’s Legacy (2006), Clemens von Wedemeyer. Curated by Goran Petrović

Comrade Alfredo Neri 2006 by Alfredo Cramerotti

Comrade Alfredo Neri  2006

performance, video, sound

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