Exhibitions / QUAD | Zheng Li: Waiting [art management]

03.07.2009 to 06.09.2009

Zheng Li is the first QUAD AiR (Artist in Residence). He is a painter from China and current artist in residence in QUAD Artists Studio during May-July 2009. Although he studied traditional European oil painting, he is now revisiting traditional Chinese techniques through muted colour and unique materials. Inspired by his father, also a painter and his first teacher, his work abstracts the colours and techniques of Chinese traditional painting to explore ideas of culture, humanity and race. Often featuring babies, old before their time and genderless, reacting to the current social context - they reflect on and watch the world.– – – Born in Chongqing China. Zheng Li has a degree in Oil Painting, has exhibited at San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art and all across China. He works as a teacher in Sichuan Fine Arts Institute situated in Chongqing.