Exhibitions / QUAD | The17: Slice Through Derby [curating, art management]

01.06.2008 to 18.01.2009

Following six weeks of hard work during June and July 2008, 100 groups of 17 people from around Derby have been part of The17: Slice Through Derby – – – Renowned artist and musician Bill Drummond was invited to create this unique performance piece to celebrate QUAD and particularly its location in Derby. Drummond was based in the city for six weeks during June and July working on the piece with members of the community. 100 groups from all areas of the city were recruited to take part in the project, which involved singing one note together for five minutes and having a group photograph and video portrait taken. These 100 separate sound recordings were mixed together to create one huge piece of choral music. Everyone who took part in the project was invited to the performance event on the Market Place on the evening of Friday 22nd August, to hear the one and only playback of this recording. The 100 group photographs are on show on QUAD walls and digital screens, along with the screening of The17 film by Bill Drummond in the exhibitions resources area until January 2009. Co-curated with Louise Clements, QUAD Senior Curator, with the support of Sue Kahn, Sarah Greaves, Rachel Nicholson and Sam Poyser. For more information visit http://www.the17.org. Image courtesy by John Hirst