Exhibitions / QUAD | Seba Kurtis & Esyllt Hedd Evans [curating]

03.07.2010 to 05.09.2010

Seba Kurtis: 'Salam' - - - - - - - Salam is based on a project during which Seba Kurtis went to photograph in North Africa, where human traffickers create new routes to smuggle immigrants to Europe. With no Arabic and feeling unwelcome in many places, Kurtis became fascinated by the local photo studios that were in every village. There, "both my face and camera were warmly received with respect, our common passion uniting us. Unexpectedly, this project came alive in those places where the time seemed to have stood still." Seba Kurtis grew up in Buenos Aires, where he studied journalism and was a political activist. After Argentina fell under economical and political crisis in 2001, he lived as an illegal immigrant in Spain - and the experience became the main inspiration for his work. http://www.sebakurtis.com - - - - - - - - - - - Esyllt Hedd Evans 'Â'r Cyfan Er Mwyn Hyn (And All Because of This)' Â'r Cyfan Er Mwyn Hyn explores notions of melancholy, memory and the passing of time. Over a period of eight months in 2009 Esyllt Hedd Evans' grandparents became the inspiration for a project that focused on their immediate surroundings and the minutiae of their daily lives. These photographs are a document of that journey, discovered shortly after her grandfather passed away in August 2009. Most of the photographs contained in the album are candid snapshots, capturing happy if often insignificant moments. Esyllt Hedd Evans is a photographer based in Rhostryfan, North Wales. Her current work explores notions of y filltir sgwar (the square mile), of family and of absence. http://www.esyllthedd.com