Exhibitions / QUAD | Matt Stuart: The Great British Weekend [art management, curating]

13.11.2010 to 16.01.2011

(Photography) winner of the 2010 Vauxhall Collective Photographer Matt Stuart looks at the essence of the Great British Weekend as seen through the eyes of the 'Enthusiastic British People', as he defines them. A unique body of work tells the unheralded stories of week end activities such as early morning fishing competitions, late night metal detector's clubs, orienteering and canal renovation reunions, as well as mums supporting football clubs and dads attending classical ballet competitions. Matt Stuart is a street photographer with an impeccable eye for capturing fleeting surreal moments from mundane situations. His ability to make the common place notable has lead to high profile commissions including with The Tate. www.mattstuart.com The Vauxhall Collective is one of the most ambitious commercially-funded creative support schemes in the UK. Members of the Vauxhall Collective are supported financially to carry out projects, consequently raising their profile in the industry and in the media, and giving them the resources to fulfil their creative potential.