Exhibitions / QUAD | Ha Ha Hallway [art management]

11.08.2011 to 23.10.2011

In conjunction with 'Ha Ha Road' this Comic Strip exhibition shows a huge variety of humorous narrative sequences in cartoon panels. Including original artworks from newspapers, books or comics, the drawings use humour to comment on amusing everyday issues like food, political affairs or cultural characteristics. - - - - - Referring to the Ha Ha theme, the exhibition includes well-known British newspaper illustrators such as Tom Gauld, Berger&Wyse and Harry Venning as well as illustrators from America and France, indicative of the universal popularity of the medium. Curated by Jill Carruthers and Stefanie Meier. - - - - - A special BFI British Film Institute Mediatheque Collection has been curated by QUAD and BFI to tie in with the Ha Ha Road exhibition. Eighteen titles have been selected, showing different facets of the comedy genre from the past century. - - - - - Image credit: Jean Plantu