Exhibitions / QUAD | Faith & Belief Haiku [curating]

09.05.2009 to 26.06.2009

FAITH & BELIEF HAIKU (俳句) Celebrating 2009 International Year of Astronomy, which marks the 400th anniversary of the first use of an astronomical telescope by Galileo (and the 40th anniversary of the first Moon Walk), we invited artists, poets and writers to submit their work in the form of Haiku poetry style, to help the citizens of the world rediscover their place in the Universe. – – – Whether you are interested in the idea of belief in relation to scientific achievement and the technological progress of exploration, or if you are keen to engage with questions such as ‘where do we come from?’ and ‘what are we here for?’ this exhibition invited you to share your thoughts. Over 300 original Haiku poems were submitted for this exhibition, including submissions by artists, poets and writers from Korea, USA, Denmark, Canada, Germany and the Netherlands. Co-curated with Louise Clements. – – – Works by David Berridge, Miles Tebbutt, Emma Woodcock, Julie Redfern, Paul Calderwood, Rowena Easton, Iddo Drevijn, Peggy Willis Lyles and Hazel Cass.