Exhibitions / QUAD | Don't Stop Believing feat. Juneau Projects [curating]

19.09.2009 to 15.11.2009

Don't Stop Believing - a season exploring the art of participation Drawing on the renaissance of participatory arts and QUAD’s heritage in the field we have created an ‘EXPO’, a series of events and happenings, exploring Participation in Art. Don't Stop Believing is an outside-in environment exploring in a diversity of ways within the field of participation: a changing landscape of activity programmed in the spaces throughout QUAD, through a range of performances, happenings, exhibitions, workshops and encounters. QUAD have commissioned Artists collaboration, Juneau Projects to create zones within the gallery space and around the QUAD building to site their artworks and others. They have created a framework and for invited exhibitions, performances and events from participatory artists and arts organisations. http://www.juneaurecords.co.uk Curated by QUAD (Louise Clements, Alfredo Cramerotti) in partnership with EMPAF (East Midlands Participatory Arts Forum)