Exhibitions / QUAD | Daphne Wright: Prayer Project [art management]

09.05.2009 to 28.06.2009

Première of a new commission by Daphne Wright. Prayer Project was a new moving image installation by artist Daphne Wright that explored the private and personal ritual of prayer and meditation. The multi screen project brought together film portraits of individuals in the act of prayer and meditation. The exhibition explored the desire to convey a very personal human communication with a variety of belief systems and examined our perception of the connection between mortal and spiritual worlds. The project focuses on the human presence in the process of the act of prayer, further exploring the relationship between visible and transcendent states and the connection an individual has with something ‘other', considering the intensely personal act of private prayer. – – – Daphne Wright lives and works in Bristol. Her work plays with the desire we seem to have for an encounter with beauty in art. Wright’s work manoeuvres things into well-wrought but delicate doubt it sets imagery, materials and language in constant metaphorical motion. Using a wide range of materials she creates worlds that are beautiful and rather eerie which feel like the threshold to somewhere new.