Exhibitions / MOSTYN | Women's Art Society [institutional leadership]

26.10.2013 to 05.01.2014

Artists participating: Meriç Algün Ringborg, Sol Calero, Volker Eichelmann, Claire Fontaine, Tim Foxon, Andrea Fraser, Guerrilla Girls, Jens Haaning, Catherine Opie, Martha Rosler, Danh Vo, Ai Weiwei.
Also including: A historical display of the Gwynedd Ladies’ Art Society.

Women’s Art Society is the first exhibition in the series that looks at the history of MOSTYN and how that history is tied to events beyond its local, national and international context. This first exhibition reaches back to the inauguration of MOSTYN. Opened in 1902, the Mostyn Art Gallery was commissioned by Lady Augusta Mostyn and built to showcase the work of the Gwynedd Ladies’ Art Society, who were denied membership of male dominated local art societies on the basis of their gender. It was the first gallery in the world built specifically as a home for the work of female artists.

Women’s Art Society continues and updates the spirit of the original Ladies’ Arts Society by showing recent, contemporary artworks dealing with the politics of gender, identity and regulation, and issues of exclusion and prejudice. Alongside the contemporary works will be an exhibition of artefacts, documentation and artwork from the original Ladies Arts Society. A call has gone out locally and the gallery team are hoping that people will come forward with their items of interest and family memories from the period.
Women’s Art Society is curated by Adam Carr, Visual Arts Programme Curator, MOSTYN | Wales, and supported by Mostyn Estates.