Exhibitions / MOSTYN | Uprisings: Meriç Algün Ringborg [institutional leadership]

18.01.2014 to 13.04.2014

The work of Meriç Algün Ringborg, born in Istanbul in 1983, often focuses on her national identity as a Turkish citizen, now living and working in Sweden.


Exploring the bureaucracy of crossing borders, she also investigates how rules and regulations can both sanction and suppress our activities and identities. Her exhibition at MOSTYN presents two pieces: Eternity and Infinity and Metatext – both made in 2013. The latter is a thirteen minute long audio narrative compiled of sentences from the Oxford English Dictionary that concern the act of writing and artistic making, and stands as a reflection on, those activities. The former work, Eternity and Infinity, is an accompanying piece and comprises two silent videos focusing on hands performing meaningless tasks, one of which is to tie a decorative knot, the other to perform a trick with a pen. As a question of doing something without a clear, obvious goal, it draws a parallel with the audio piece – both suggesting notions of futility and the process of the creative act.