Exhibitions / MOSTYN | Uprisings: Jesse Wine [institutional leadership]

18.04.2014 to 13.07.2014

Born in 1983, and now living and working in London, Jesse Wine’s work combines humour, biography and art history. While Wine’s work is multi-disciplinary, he often describes himself as a ceramicist. His recent work, mostly using clay, has an erudite take on the medium, using its history, its alliance with craft and its placement within the visual arts. His works reveal a fascination with the medium and the process of making, as well as underlining issues of form and display.
This exhibition is accompanied by a full colour booklet, featuring images and an interview with the artist by Adam Carr (Visual Arts Programme Curator, MOSTYN). Gallery 6 would not be possible without the generous support of Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.