Exhibitions / MOSTYN | Uprisings: Iwan Lewis [curating, art management, institutional leadership]

14.11.2015 to 13.03.2016

Born in 1980 and based in Wales, Iwan Lewis works primarily in painting and installation.

Drawing from a broad spectrum of cultural influence Lewis’s landscape is often surreal yet diaristic, indulging in mis-readings and failed languages. His work seeks to obtain a sense of visual poetry. The fragment is heavily relied upon in the work to suggest rather than to reveal a narrative. This can show up through a deliberately considerd title or by playing one piece against another. By allowing a portrait, within an installation of paintings, to act as both narrator and a formal representation, a fictional narrative takes place.

The exhibition is curated by Alfredo Cramerotti (Director, MOSTYN) and produced with the generous support of CALL Cultural Action Llandudno C.I.C., Helfa Gelf Art Trail and the Esmee Fairbarn Foundation.

Image: Studio Conversations, 2015