Exhibitions / MOSTYN | Laurence Kavanagh: Segue [curating, art management, institutional leadership]

22.10.2016 to 05.02.2017

A new solo exhibition of works by Laurence Kavanagh, as part of our 'Conversation Series', the project further develops Kavanagh’s ongoing and expansive project to create twelve interrelated groups of work, collectively titled the Calendar Series. 

Through a combination of media such as sculpture, collage and photo-montage, Kavanagh’s work engages with the idea of visual representation. More specifically, photographic and cinematic practices become a ground of research for what it means to see and to be seen, to represent and to be represented. The works ultimately investigate how to navigate the relational space between 'image life', what we make visually of the world, and 'real life',what the world actually is. Kavanagh refers to the cinema as “a building created to house the projections of our inner psyche onto a screen”.

Supported by Marlborough Contemporary and APT (Artist Pension Trust)