Exhibitions / MOSTYN | Gethin Wyn Jones: Digital Ash from a Digital Urn [institutional leadership]

16.06.2012 to 09.09.2012

Gethin Wyn Jones invokes new perspectives through his geometric landscapes of flat colour. Image: Himalia, 2011, Gethin Wyn Jones Screen print on stainless steel with walnut frame.


“This series of work is based on the space we perceive beyond the screen. I have modified an old computer game to strip back its visuals and to create a geometric landscape. The landscapes are made out of flat colours, which are separated by a grid that creates an orthographic projection. My intention was to make something that was still. The works play with the viewer's perception of space as they both suggest and deny any conventional reading of perspective. Planes can be read either as flat shapes on the surface of the work or as receding to imply three dimensions. Instead of showing animation on the “screen”, I’m animating the viewer's position. I'm demonstrating a concern that is traditionally sculptural."