Exhibitions / MOSTYN | Alex Duncan: Raised Beach [institutional leadership]

16.06.2012 to 09.09.2012

Alex Duncan responds to the power and fragility of the natural world and the complicated relationship between man and nature.


What is real and what is imitating the real? How do we respond to something that is both, or rather, something that sits in between these two diverging states? These are some of the central questions of Alex Duncan’s work and issues that it rigorously explores.


Concentrating on issues of the environment and ecology, Duncan’s work transports situations into the gallery space that he has encountered while walking on the streets of his native Swansea and the rocky coves of the nearby Gower peninsula. His work, in this way, follows a history of artists using the walk and the idea of the walk as starting point for art making, responding to their local area through their work. While Duncan’s work does indeed point to this rich history of art production, it also speaks of art’s fundamental ability to question the world around us, making, as it does, the apparently familiar, unfamiliar.