Exhibitions / Inquiry into Reality: The Disappearance of Public Space [artistic practice]

08.04.2006 to 31.07.2007

The Disappearance of Public Space was a project embracing newspaper, book, exhibitions, radio, TV, internet, film, TV debates, billboards, public space; it basically questioned the term of the public sphere, exposing intercultural competence and collaboration between artists and institutions in the Balkan region (Serbia and Montenegro, Republic of Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina) as well in wider Europe (Belgium, Estonia, Denmark, Germany). – – – Featuring Dejan Kaludjerovic (SCG/AT), Tanja Ostojic (SCG/DE) and David Rych (AT/DE), Sinisa Ilic (SCG), Katarina Popovic (SCG), URTICA: Violeta Vojvodic i Edvard Balaz (SCG), Yane Calovski (MK, USA, NL), Iskra Dimitrova (MK), Hristina Ivanovska (MK), Mirna Arsovska (MK), Khaled Ramadan (DK - Libanon) and Alfredo Cramerotti (IT), Manon de Boer (NL,BE). Curated by Goran Petrovic.

The Disappearance of Public Space: TV Programme 2007 by Alfredo Cramerotti

The Disappearance of Public Space: TV Programme  2007

Talk, workshop

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Comrade Alfredo Neri 2006 by Alfredo Cramerotti

Comrade Alfredo Neri  2006

performance, video, sound

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