Exhibitions / Create. Destroy. Create - adaptive resilience in the world of art Symposium [curating, institutional leadership]

19.06.2014 to 20.06.2014


19-20 June 2014
Venue: MOSTYN, Llandudno

Create. Destroy. Create
adaptive resilience in the world of art


"Old modernist patterns of alienation and confrontation give way to new ones of mutualism and the development of an active and practical dialogue with the environment." Suzi Gablik

Creative destruction and adaptive resilience are part of the natural order; how well developed are these skills in today’s society, and within its artists and arts professionals? This Plus Tate seminar will consider how those involved with the creation and presentation of art to the wider public can work positively with social, environmental and financial impacts to find balance.
We will hear from a variety of people in the arts world who hold strong views about art and nature; art and society; art and economics: how they interact, self-regulate and learn from one another. The aim of the day is to learn more about adaptive resilience and the need to embrace points of creative destruction as an inevitable, and positive, part of the adaptive cycle.


"The real journey of discovery consists not of seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes..." Marcel Proust


Organised by Christine Mathew-Sheen (MOSTYN Conference Coordinator), Helen Cooper (Manager, National Programmes Tate) and Alfredo Cramerotti (MOSTYN Director).


Contributions by Adam Ellis-Jones, Assistant Director, Operations (Built Properties) for Wales, National Trust UK; Alfredo Cramerotti, Director, MOSTYN; Mark Robinson, Interim Director, mima; Marc Rees, Interdisciplinary Creative; Steffan Jones-Hughes, Wrexham County Borough Council; Sabine Cockrill, Helfa Gelf; Clive Adams, Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World; Alison Tickell, Julie’s Bicycle; Bedwyr Williams, artist; Samuel Jones, Director's Office, Tate; Tony Butler, Derby Museums and the Happy Museum Project; Louise Thirlwall, Wysing Arts Centre.