Exhibitions / Conflict through the Eye of the Lens symposium [art management, institutional leadership]

19.07.2014 to 19.07.2014

MOSTYN, Llandudno

Saturday, 19th July 2014, 1pm – 5.30pm

Speakers: Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, Dr Jennifer Good, Dr Aaron Rosen and Sara Bevan


Introduction by Alfredo Cramerotti  and Chaired by Mark Durden

Conflict through the Eye of Lens: What is the relationship between photography & War? How do photographers and artists represent and interpret conflict? How does the mass media use and distribute these images? This seminar will bring together artists, academics, theorists and theologians to explore and discuss the frictions and tensions surrounding authorship, representation and the sacred.

'Conflict through the Eye of the Lens' is the second seminar in the dialogue series which focuses on a range of themes from the art practice of some of the Artes Mundi 6 shortlisted artists. Each seminar will bring together a range of speakers, academics, theorists and professionals to touch on and open up discussions.

This seminar accompanies Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin’s exhibition and commissioned artwork 'Divine Violence' at MOSTYN, coproduced with Artes Mundi.


Link to the audio file on the Mix Cloud page [Individual audio recordings are underneath each speaker’s name]: