Exhibitions / AGM Culture 12: Giant Step 2 Conference [curating, art management]

21.09.2012 to 23.09.2012

AGM Culture 12: Giant Spet 2 Conference - The Centre of the Periphery & The Periphery of the Centre

MOSTYN, Llandudno, 21-23 September 2012. Organized by Kybernein.

This conference looks at the role of institutions within contemporary culture. Kybernein brought together artists, curators, creative practitioners and others to discuss and debate how institutions or individuals stimulate and encourage the cultural dynamics of a location or society, particularly in areas with a less prominent critical audience.

Curated by Kybernein (Nathalie Gabrielsson and Alfredo Cramerotti) with the support of Nia Roberts, Sian Green and Brian Jamieson

Speakers: Alistair Hudson, Annie Fletcher, Askeaton Contemporary Arts, Beacon Art Project, Culture Colony, Nathalie Gabrielsson, Emrys Williams,  Alfredo Cramerotti, Fernando Garcia-Dory, Francesco Scasciamacchia, Grizedale Arts, James Green, John Plowman, Michele Horrigan, Nia Roberts, Nicola Streeten, Pete Telfer, and Viviana Checchia.