Exhibitions / AGM 08 WEBit [curating]

07.08.2008 to 07.08.2008

AGM 08 is an online, evergoing, ever-growing project. The number of participants, collaborations and exchanges is growing by each AGM organized. So far a great number of artists, curators, and cultural producers have been integrated in AGM throughout the years. – – – AGM 08 WEBit is a collaborative online exhibition, generated from information of the participants' choice. With a generative software sampling the information received from the participants of the previous 5 years of AGM, a poetic visualization is created as an ever changing process. – – – Digital artist Darius Powell has built a website for AGM 08 WEBit using the links forwarded. He wrote a software that sources the visual material from all the websites signalled in response to the invitation, creating a pattern of images, sounds, texts which changes any time one clicks on the AGM 08 website. The composition on the screen will never be the same, and it will change according to the content of the source websites. Co-curated with Iben Bentzen; Web designer: Darius Powell; Critical contribution: Katrine Damkjær