Exhibitions / AGM 06 Discompact [curating, art management]

03.11.2006 to 17.11.2006

The 4th edition of AGM - this time in Copenhagen, Denmark - was focused on the relation between non-narrative representations and reality. AGM 06 Discompact wanted to explore artists’ interpretation and hence construction of a reality through the relation of sound-image itself rather than by means of a narrative; reversing the notion of representation, it explored how a combination of sound and image as such constructs, de-constructs or not constructs at all a notion of reality, and addressed this effort with the actual reality of a public square. AGM 06 presented screenings, installations and a symposium, which took place on November 5th 2006 in the Literaturhaus of Copenhagen. – – – Participating artists screenings series (3rd-6th Nov 2006): NomIg (Montréal) pdx_01 (7 min.), Maryse Morin (Montréal) Heaven! Love! Freedom! (6 min.), Stephanie Loveless (Vancouver) in transition (12 min.), François Girouard (Montréal) Genese et Début D'une Décadence (10 min.), Cliff Caines (Toronto) Locus (7 min.), Nelly-Eve Rajotte (Montréal) Triptyque (13 min.), François Handfield (Montréal) Sustentation (10 min.), Nicolas Bernier with Delphine Measroch (Montréal) Portrait n.2 (3 min.) & Les Arbres Auront Tojours Besoin du Vent pour Nous Tourmenter (8 min.), Jette Hye Jin Mortensen (Copenhagen) Lullaby (6 min.) & I’m Sick of Love (5 min.), Mikkel Meyer (Copenhagen) Visual Hunt for Sonic Attack (2 min.), Andreas Fohr (Paris) with Kenn Mouritzen (Copenhagen-Vienna) Harajuku (25 min.). – – – Artists selected for media performances and installations (17th Nov 2006): Darren Copeland (Toronto) and Annette Finnsdottir (Copenhagen) with Random Portraits. – – – Supported by Tuborg Grønne Fonde, Canada Council, AIRplay and CPH:DOX. Co-curated with Iben Bentzen, Kassandra Wellendorf, Pernille Bach and Brennan Young – – – Images clockwise from top left: Darren Copeland and Annette Finnsdottir, Random Portraits; François Handfield, Sustentation; symposium in Literaturhaus Copenhagen; 3 shots of public screening of Andreas Fohr with Kenn Mouritzen's Harajuku; Nelly-Eve Rajotte, Triptyque.